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Math::BigFloatArbitrary size floating point math package
Math::BigIntArbitrary size integer/float math package
Math::BigInt::CalcPure Perl module to support Math::BigInt
Math::BigInt::CalcEmuEmulate low-level math with BigInt code
Math::BigRatArbitrary big rational numbers
Math::Complexcomplex numbers and associated mathematical functions
Math::Trigtrigonometric functions
MemoizeMake functions faster by trading space for time
Memoize::AnyDBM Fileglue to provide EXISTS for AnyDBM_File for Storable use
Memoize::ExpirePlug-in module for automatic expiration of memoized values
Memoize::ExpireFiletest for Memoize expiration semantics
Memoize::ExpireTesttest for Memoize expiration semantics
Memoize::NDBM Fileglue to provide EXISTS for NDBM_File for Storable use
Memoize::SDBM Fileglue to provide EXISTS for SDBM_File for Storable use
Memoize::Storablestore Memoized data in Storable database
MIME::Base64Encoding and decoding of base64 strings
MIME::QuotedPrintEncoding and decoding of quoted-printable strings

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