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Nazwa</th>Opis</th></tr> getc</td>get the next character from the filehandle</td></tr> getgrent</td>get next group record</td></tr> getgrgid</td>get group record given group user ID</td></tr> getgrnam</td>get group record given group name</td></tr> gethostbyaddr</td>get host record given its address</td></tr> gethostbyname</td>get host record given name</td></tr> gethostent</td>get next hosts record</td></tr> getlogin</td>return who logged in at this tty</td></tr> getnetbyaddr</td>get network record given its address</td></tr> getnetbyname</td>get networks record given name</td></tr> getnetent</td>get next networks record</td></tr> getpeername</td>find the other end of a socket connection</td></tr> getpgrp</td>get process group</td></tr> getppid</td>get parent process ID</td></tr> getpriority</td>get current nice value</td></tr> getprotobyname</td>get protocol record given name</td></tr> getprotobynumber</td>get protocol record numeric protocol</td></tr> getprotoent</td>get next protocols record</td></tr> getpwent</td>get next passwd record</td></tr> getpwnam</td>get passwd record given user login name</td></tr> getpwuid</td>get passwd record given user ID</td></tr> getservbyname</td>get services record given its name</td></tr> getservbyport</td>get services record given numeric port</td></tr> getservent</td>get next services record</td></tr> getsockname</td>retrieve the sockaddr for a given socket</td></tr> getsockopt</td>get socket options on a given socket</td></tr> glob</td>expand filenames using wildcards</td></tr> gmtime</td>convert UNIX time into record or string using Greenwich time</td></tr> goto</td>create spaghetti code</td></tr> grep</td>locate elements in a list test true against a given criterion</td></tr> </tbody> </table>

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