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Nazwa</th>Opis</th></tr> caller</td>get context of the current subroutine call</td></tr> chdir</td>change your current working directory</td></tr> chmod</td>changes the permissions on a list of files</td></tr> chomp</td>remove a trailing record separator from a string</td></tr> chop</td>remove the last character from a string</td></tr> chown</td>change the owership on a list of files</td></tr> chr</td>get character this number represents</td></tr> chroot</td>make directory new root for path lookups</td></tr> close</td>close file (or pipe or socket) handle</td></tr> closedir</td>close directory handle</td></tr> connect</td>connect to a remote socket</td></tr> continue</td>optional trailing block in a while or foreach</td></tr> cos</td>cosine function</td></tr> crypt</td>one-way passwd-style encryption</td></tr> </tbody> </table>

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