trochę humorystycznie:

'Droga Programisty do Zwycięstwa, o 6 - Zwieńczeniach'.

Path to Victory:

  1. 'Know the Code, Know the Bug'.

the most ambitious of programmer's ways, in my opinion.

an apex of the programmer's ability but can be practiced even by beginners.

... if they dare.

basicly, You have the code, You have the bug (something wrong, an error) to fix, fix it.

anything permitted, learn and / or hack if neccessary.

all of consequences still hold.

... the main bug is Your Ego.

  1. 'Know the Problem, Know the Code'.

take responsibility, but strictly adhere to standard programming methods, no 'politics', no 'foul play' etc.

understand 'the problem to solve', understand 'the code'.

plan 'solution' including tiers 3 - 6.

implement and / or debug 'the code' if neccessary.

  1. 'Know the Risk, Know Your Way'.

list (write) all of the risks You can, discussing / brainstorming with Your team as well.

try to solve most risky (dangerous) problems at first, perhaps by writing software prototype.

if solution is too inefficient or costly, do not hesistate to cancel 'the whole' of a project.

proceed with tier 4 as well.

  1. 'Know the Cost, Know the Time'.

it's basicly all of the simpler solutions (tiers 5 & 6).

try to include the cost (budget, perhaps more) & time limit in planning.

try to learn how to assess how much the tasks will take You to complete them, even if it's almost impossible to do this properly.

it's safe to give Yourself / Your team extra time to reduce stress.

  1. 'Know the Problem, Know the Way'.

at this tier, You can start to learn as You have spare time.

otherwise it's tier 6, do not experiment too much but when You are sure, propose solutions.

  1. 'Know the Team, Know the Way'.

know who's the boss, know who is responsible for what in your team, follow orders strictly while helping the team as You can.


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