Jakie polecenia maski obsługuje moduł "Masks" oprócz wiadomych i popularnych "*" i "?".

Wyczytałem gdzieś, że obsługuje też polecenia "!" oraz "[" i "]"

  • (asterisk): a "wild card" indicating an unspecified number of characters in the
    file name.

? (question mark) : a wild card which matches a single character position in the
file name.

[ (open bracket): beginning of a "set" definition, a set of alternative characters
for specific position.

] (close bracket) : the end of a set defininition

! (exclamation point): may appear immediately following a [ to indicate that any
character not in the set counts as a match.

  • (hyphen): separating two characters in a set indicates a range of character to

??????[abc].log match a flename that is 11 characters long, has an "a",
"b", or "c' as its 7th character, and ends with ".log"

[0-9][0-9].* match any file name that has a 2 digit number anywhere in the
base part of the name.

[!e][!x]. match any file name that does not begin with "ex"

Czy to prawda i czy są jakieś inne polecenia ?