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Reality Games London Ltd

Scala Developer

Reality Games London Ltd

7 000 - 16 000 zł netto

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Reality Games is a new and exciting mobile gaming studio. The Company is creating games and building a gaming engine that will allow us to take live, real world data and combine it with proven game mechanics to generate high retention mobile games.

The company has launched its first flagship game, Landlord 2, which uniquely combines the popular board game Monopoly, live, real world data taken from Foursquare and Facebook and proven game mechanics.
The Company has developed 4 further game concepts all using the gaming engine. Speculate, Black Friday, Urban Merchants and Bargain Hunters.

We are growthing and looking for Scala Developer.

Reality Games is a new gaming studio designing mobile games based on live, real world data.
Our game engine takes live, real world data and combines it with a familiar game concept and proven game mechanics to generate highly addictive mobile games.
Key Highlights:
- Joined Oxygen Accelerator in London in October 2014
- Launched Landlord 2: Tycoon Edition in January 14th 2015
- Landlord 2 is seeing high retention and monetisation
- 4 further games already developed, with the next game planned for Q3 2015 release

Reality Games:
Landlord 2:
Download Landlord 2 here:


Backend development (API used by mobile clients: Android and iOS)
Designing and implementing new features, fixing bugs
Performance optimizations on different levels of our stack: Linux, MySQL, Scala, JVM
Managing day-to-day operations: error monitoring (via NewRelic), deployments, etc

Our Stack:
Scala (2.11) application using Spray framework
Main libraries we use: Akka, specs2, relate, kamon, Google Guava cache
Database - Percona MySQL
Operating system: Ubuntu Linux

Professional programming experience (minimum 2 years, at least 6 months in Scala)
Basic knowledge of: Spray, Akka
Solid MySQL knowledge
Solid Linux (Debian/Ubuntu) knowledge - being familiar with command line
Basic git knowledge
Good knowledge and experience in building applications based on Spray, Akka
MySQL tuning and optimization experience
Understanding mobile API design principles

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