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Davis Nolan IT Recruitment


Davis Nolan IT Recruitment

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Discover an unique opportunity to grow: We're looking for experienced professionals interested in building tools, creating and tuning processes, integrating open source components and working with all teams within our Technology group to deliver our software faster, with higher quality and better insight across our entire application stack.

Your work environment would be:

Within a reputed international financial institution;

On a new project providing state of the art financial services to a global client;

Allocated to the Engineering group – which develops, monitors and maintains core application platform services and infrastructure components (through which internal Saas products are delivered);

Your will have the possibility to:

Develop new tools and platforms;

Crate and tune processes;

Integrate open source components;
Collaborate with all teams in the technology group on delivering higher quality software faster;

Get better insight across the company's entire application stack;

You will have the possibility to use your:

Previous DevOps expertise;

Scripting and development expertise in your preferred language, such as Bash, Python, PowerShell;

Experience with systems and IT operations in a hybrid Windows/Linux server environment;

Prowess with automation and configuration management tools, such as Ansible, Chef, Puppet, SaltStack;

Previous expertise with continuous delivery principles and processes;

Knowledge of working with a variety of open source technologies and tools (e.g. ElasticSearch, HAProxy, GrayLog, Redis, Graphite, Docker, Vagrant, Consul, RabbitMQ, Statsd, etc.);

Strong command of written and spoken English.
You will have the chance to grow your:

Expertise in large scale deployments in a service-oriented architecture;
Knowledge of automation in a Windows/.NET environment;
Experience with hybrid cloud architectures and environments (e.g. AWS, Azure, etc.).
Sounds like you?

Excellent! Please send your CV to Davis Nolan Talent Consulting at [email protected].

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