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Ocado Technology

Java Software Engineer

Ocado Technology
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So, you are passionate about creating great software. You know great software delights customers and makes them smile when it works so simply, everytime. You know great software makes other developers smile and relax when they have to work with it or modify it. You have an uncle called Bob who has drilled into you the reason we need clean code and don't feel happy to have your code un-integrated at the end of the day. You have experienced different work environments and you know that working with a team who collaborate, realise there is always more to learn, and listen to their customers is far more fun than going it alone. You know teams like this take work and need to continuously look for improvement opportunities. You've discovered the best ways to measure this.

You have been in many developments, participating in every stage of the process. You care about understanding everything from CSS to DevOps, but have realised there is no "best" practice. You always consider how to get testable, simple, maintainable, flexible code and get fast feedback.

Great, we're looking for people like you who can help us build on our world leading platform. People who are technical experts and get things done by using their smarts and whatever tools make sense to get the job done. People who love to stand on the shoulders of giants to solve new problems and thrive in a rapidly innovating space.

Day to day work

Within the software development team you will:

Write amazing, simple, maintainable, flexible code to deliver agreed team outcomes
Write tests and run them
Commit, Integrate, Test, Build and Deliver code
Participate in design discussions
Discuss delivery goals with the team
Discover what your customers need
Work with the team on continuous improvement of the development process with end-to-end delivery in mind.
Help maintain clear communication around features and change with all stakeholders
Lead, coach and grow as a craftsperson and collaborator, learning fast from feedback.
Become and stay an expert in current and emerging technologies and tool


We desire you: Have the cloud computing experience.
Really understand the complete SDLC and development methodologies.
Are experienced with tools (like: JUnit, Go, GitLab, Akka).
Love working as an embedded member of a cross functional team
Are able to code, procedurally, functionally or OO in Java and/or Scala
Know the pros and cons of the technology trends in your field
Make things work and get things done
Make excellent informed decisions and know when to ask for advice
Love to leave things better than you found them
Are a great communicator (also in English), not at all like the stereotypical geek
Love agile/lean development and delivering code
Embrace uncertainty, are happy with challenges and learn fast
Happily build on ideas of the others
Think scale
Have a sense of humor

We think it would be nice if you have:

A super power

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O Ocado Technology

We architect and build the ground-breaking, game-changing technology solutions that power Ocado, the world's largest online-only grocery retailer. Because we're writing, building and running all our own software systems, we're constantly pushing the limits of what technology can do. Join us and you'll work across a phenomenal breadth of technology, with incredibly smart people, to create reliable, resilient, scalable and optimised software systems.

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