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G-Force Recruitment Sp. z o.o.

Software Engineer

G-Force Recruitment Sp. z o.o.
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A global leader in the field of broadly understood security (m. In. Magnetic locks, access cards). Projects concern m. In. manage digital identities, includes the creation and development of the service authentication in the cloud.


This position concerns the maintenance, support and development of readers provisioning solutions (some
legacy, some new development), as well as by partners and contract
manufacturers from around the world. Solutions will integrate test equipment, microcontroller programmers,
data-driven web services, script-based run-times, automation equipment, smartcard and RFID.
This position is for a versatile and strong self-directed contributor with broad software engineering
expertise. Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Develop and maintain applications and solution used by operations to provisioning reader products
  • Analyze existing production processes and improve applications accordingly
  • Work with product engineering team for product technical knowledge transfers, reviews, specifications, integration and acceptance
  • Work with the core development team to integrate backend services and low level APIs
  • Monitor performance and improvements
  • Integrate applications with various business services to improve production processes
  • Integrate low level API driving hardware encoders or microcontroller programmers
  • Interact with various remote development and production teams
  • Keep tight deadlines for software enhancements to match product development schedules
Experience desired:

  • Strong C# background and Java/Groovy
  • Grails/JavaScript
  • Design, Develop and Integrate Web services (JSON, SOAP)
  • WinForms/WPF/MEF
Knowledge desired:

  • Expertise in applied cryptography and key management is greatly appreciated
  • Experience working with Serial/RS485/RS232 a plus
  • Experience working with microcontroller programmers (JTAG/SWD) a plus
  • Experience creating software to automate internal processes a plus

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