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Upon arriving the PDX airport terminal terminal, I obtained what is the news that Ishod wasn't going to be able to get this year's King in the Road as a result of back injuries. He was bummed (as was all individuals other Real crew) however, shit happens. Are you currently around the skate strip where the whole gang is 100-percent? Exactly.

Mike Donnelly had just ended an adidas trip in Portland that exact same day, so he was next arranged to fill Ishod's place inside the van, how to know what size skateboard to get. Along with Mike, the rest of heavy crew was the next: John Alden handling they manager responsibilities, Frank Gerwer since the hype man, P-Stone on beer guzzling/father-cam duty, Jeremy McNamara for your HD tripod angles and Justin Brock, Robbie Brockel, Kyle Master and youthful gun Mike Ruiz on shred patrol. How could we lose?

Portland might not be the most effective city to start a King in the Road journey--using the distractions and whatnot--or possibly could it be? The upside for the enticing diversions the city is renowned for is the fact almost everybody inside the group has spent a whilst in the region on skate journeys. We understood the spots along with the connections to help handle the down sides.

Evening struck therefore we opened up up it within the infamous Union Jack's (strip) Club. We quickly abandoned the debauchery and headed to Silas' private TF to start knocking out methods, as well as the hype level with this first night was a student in an archive high.

The very next day, among our city challenges determined, we'd to locate Portland local, Deaf Paul, making him execute a back Cruz at Burnside. Paul's and never the simplest dude to get hold of, but we put the word all the time but got the decision he'd been beneath the bridge.

Luck was great. Next, get yourself a stripper to skate a collection bar. In Portland? No problem. One mobile call later we not only got the key but we have had a line, too. In some manner we could dodge getting depressed by the vortex of strip joints, cheap bars and late nights, nevertheless the city still needed its toll.

Kyle Master sprained his ankle attempting to carry out a doubles routine with Mike Ruiz around the 34-stair rail. He was out through the trip but nevertheless stacked points by gulping lower their very own piss and handling other miscellaneous non-skate challenges. Bring Them for your team! We hit Windells coming on vacation to combine more methods in the list and have been onto Boise.


We figured we'd spend an entire day in Boise taking proper proper care of the city challenges to determine what street spots and parks the city required to offer. Our tour guide needed us with a huge double occur a flat complex and Mike Ruiz walked for the "Pfanner's Pfling," also referred to as the finest backside 180. Some resident hero showed up in this area and tried to prevent him following a few attempts, but Justin Brock just was as you're watching guy and gave Mike a apparent runway to fly by and roll away. Nothing can beat the vista of six skateboarders celebrating when faced having a guy who was simply trying unsuccessfully to supply us the boot. Beautiful! Thirty hrs plus a handful of skateparks later, i had been back on the road moving dirty towards Sacramento.


We folded into our Sacto cave a couple of every morning and immediately checked the KOTR application to determine which our city challenges entailed--we certainly had our work eliminate for people. Our tasks was to acquire a trick around the 17-stair rail that Cardiel front boarded in older times. We visit John and the man recommended skating the area throughout the night, to make sure that was this program. Mike Ruiz was lower, but preferred to visit good about it as opposed to just boardsliding it for your points. We found the area, illuminated and moved in to have to wait for him to land something. Little did everyone knows that Mike would make use of a lipslide to fakie first-time! The whole crew was amazed! I had been within the spot for under a few minutes. "Jakie to fakie!" Gerwer cried in pleasure Jakie to fakie indeed.

In the morning was the halfway-point meet up within the skatepark. It absolutely was better to start to see the other crews, try to determine which happen to be going lower where they'd all been, see who was simply hurt and who was simply not. Some team challenges needed place and in some manner the entire hillside nearby within the skatepark ignited. Spontaneous combustion, possibly? Things got pretty hectic for approximately 30 minutes 'til the Sacto Fire Department demonstrated up and extinguished the blaze. Thanks, guys.

Sacramento may also be where our Mystery Guest was announced. I had been all wishing it wouldn't be considered a complete-on tranny skater or possibly a rail chomper--we'd individuals bases covered already. TJ Rogers was announced as our surprise teammate therefore we were stoked. They can skate everything (especially manual pads, ledges and stairs), and the man was eager to get it going immediately. "Let me take a look at it and discover a few things i may help everybody with," was the initial factor he mentioned to many of us after climbing inside the van.

We left the skatepark/burn zone and headed south to Ripon where JT immediately began deal with the noseblunt nollie switch. That lit a hearth (one not requiring the hearth department) and everybody started nailing methods. The Chocolate dudes shown up which meant arrived to split up. They're our buddies in solid existence, but on King in the Road the opponents could be the enemy--you gotta keep your distance. La ideas come.

La, CA

The conclusion was approaching fast therefore we only had 72 hrs in LA to obtain the toughest methods left inside the book. Was there light within the finish in the tunnel? Nah, similar to how am i prone to scrape this factor together? Our final city challenge would have been to film an instalment of World's Best Brunch, and for that individuals required to drive to Jimmy Arrighi's house in Oc.

Jimmy was ready for people and the man immediately started ripping round the crew within the characteristic style. Part of our challenge would have been to throw Jimmy inside the pool within the finish in the show, but somebody had tipped him off. He finished up getting Justin and Brockel in water before we effectively immersed him. It needed five dudes to acquire that hairy gorilla to their own pool. World's Best Brunch switched to the world's worst pool party. Our city challenges were wrapped, but we'd to visit a skate shop to get some dry footwear before we are in a position to tackle all of those other methods inside the book.

The ultimate a couple of days went something such as this: manny pads, everyone trying to kickflip late shove it, "Fuck it and fuck Hammeke! We would like a sadplant plus a ho ho! We would like a titty shot!" van decorating, phone calls from homies in LA which are searching to carry--we're not able to--anxiety levels running high, J-Brock nails the kickflip late shove it, beer going lower faster and smoother, defrosting a frozen pig inside the bathtub, Robbie multitasking by searching into making by helping cover their a dreadlocked, pregnant chick with five cats, tech beard and haircuts, 21-stair firecracker at night time--then without warning it absolutely was 11pm as well as the finish was one short hour away.

Slayer blasting inside the van which has a pig strapped round the hood getting a Spitfire wheel within the mouth, meat cleavers and beers in hands, racks of ribs, pigs' noses and steaks hanging inside the van, chicken and pork chops hanging outdoors the van, everyone has bloody butcher aprons on which is encircled with the stench of warm, rotten meat. P-Stone is on top in the van with flames taken from the Weber grill that was screwed to the peak vehicle.

I'd a set saw in my lap, wishing not receiving stopped with the cops along the way. We roll to the car park within the finish in the line. Fuck it! Effective or unsuccessful we provide the hard disk drive as well as the book. It absolutely was one hell from the ride. Due to everyone who helped us out in route. We'd a fuckin' blast!


We folded into Boise as well as the guys from Prestige skateshop are there to greet us getting a surfboard plus a wet suit. Just what the fuck? Winds up our city challenges in Boise would have been to surf a river wave. Brock walked up and battled the Boise River rapids, eventually standing extended enough to say a victory--it didn't look easy, though. We later found that he'd never surfed before within the existence. He selected one hell from the beginning point!


How could it have been this year in comparison with others?

It this year was weird. A number of things were like the other many more shit was only crazy. But we handled it excellent, I believed.

Did everybody think Real would go this year? What went lower?

I believed i had been taking Birdhouse out certainly! Individuals were the dudes I used to be most worried about. It's about time apt to be closer of computer grew to become.

The thing that was the most difficult challenge that you just did this year?

In my opinion the most difficult challenge personally as well as the whole crew was the kickflip late shove it. Many of us tried it out. I obtained lucky other family people ., but many of us devote concentrate on that particular.

With Kyle Master getting hurt the second day, everybody really had work eliminate to suit your needs, right?
Love Skateboarding

Yeah, that attracted certainly. A couple of from the methods inside he may did fairly simple. He was around the roll before she got hurt. He stuck it but got points wherever he could, though. Tough as nails! Piss chug for a few days!

How would it happen to be winning MVP this year? Have you ever remember that that you just would win it?

I really didn't know I'd win. I believed Brockel may have started using it over me. Everyone out of your crew place in many work! I'm super stoked I obtained it. The ultimate factor I believed is they'd call my name.

What were a couple of from the highlights along by doing this that got you psyched inside your crew?

Everything about our crew was sick! From getting Rhino and P-Stone--veteran style, to watching lil' Mike grind 30 stairs round the daily! And becoming Frank inside the van is certainly a benefit. You j can't fail with Frankie.

How do you summarize the King in the Road experience with best complete skateboards for beginners?



What were your opinions if you were contacted to become guest on King in the Road?

I used to be shocked initially since i have was around the layover coming back to California and i also am sore in the skate trip around Italia and Europe. I used to be somewhat reluctant, but honestly, who could avoid an chance similar to this? Nobody!

Have you been psyched after they referred to as your business and you also got to find the actual team?

I used to be really so stoked that we wound up with the particular team. When I sprang my thoughts in the container within the mid point, there's Rhino, Mike Ruiz and Kyle Master so amped they referred to as my name and i also got so pumped. It absolutely was game on next!

What were a couple of from the highlights from your trip?

A couple of from the highlights were certainly just getting the opportunity to skate with Justin Brock and Mike Donnelly. They're excellent guys that includes a lot choosing them which is just sick to find out them skate in solid existence. And the way could I not shout out Frank Gerwer? He's the shit! I like Frank. He was ever present in the event you needed anything or else you were stressing around the trick. You could depend on Frank. Wolfpack for existence!

Was there a trick inside the book that you just were sure nobody would get?

Yes, there's one trick I understood 110-percent wouldn't have finished that was the fakie 360 switch switch Cruz around the rail. That's too hard to process.

Did you have a reward within the Real Team to be able to them out?

Yeah, John Alden the Luxurious T.M. paid for half from the Thrasher Skategoat tattoo that we got. I used to be so stoked that we got the tattoo before the trip ended. That was the primary one factor I really preferred to leap around the trip. Thank you, John.

How do you describe King of the road to anyone who has never experienced it?

It's one extended-ass skate trip. Be sure that you have been in your game or perhaps be ready to buy challenge with the miscellaneous challenges--like consuming your individual piss.

Are you able to go again next season?

I'd do that shit again instantly. Sign me up!


To be able to Sacto i believed about grabbing a few drinks in Reno within an Irish pub that's frequented by skaters. Coincidentally, John Alden understood a lady in Reno who told him there's a kissing booth setup within the bar for just about any fundraiser event the following night. She assured him they could lineup no less than 50 women to produce by helping cover their Robbie Brockel, our designated make-out guy. I had been thrilled. We have got for the bar, so when guaranteed, the region was full of ladies.

Regrettably, they were all lesbians who wanted no part of our make-out challenge. Robbie got as much as three kisses that night also it am disheartened he didn't try and suck any face all individuals other trip. Round the vibrant side, we ended up getting 21 lesbians inside the van for just about any separate challenge. Can we get extra points for the?

KYLE Master

It had been the very first King in the Road and you also got hurt the second day. What went lower?

Me and Mike Ruiz tried to grind this extended-ass 34-stair rail concurrently and shit hit the fan. I showed up in this area somewhat early and tried to operate lower the steps and folded my ankle.

You think it absolutely was KOTR energy got you to obtain doubles with this rail right out the gate?

Yeah, probably a little. It absolutely was only the second day, too. But day two really was feeling similar to day five.

You stored a great attitude all individuals other trip, the lack of ability to skate. How did you are doing this?

I used to be with an above average quantity of homies, to make sure that causes it to be simpler. Plus a handful of bips and brews didn't hurt.

What were a couple of from the highlights within the trip--skating or non skating?

Everyday was epic. The potato gun Frank made was tight. John's tech-ass beard was amazing. Nearly every day will be a great one.

First-time consuming your individual pee? How have you choose to make it happen?

Yes, it absolutely was. I virtually just mentioned, "Fuck it!"

Whenever you develop one challenge for next season, what could it be?

Drink someone else's piss. That'd be disgusting.

How do you explain King of the road to anyone who has never learned about it?

It's a skate trip where four teams visit four urban centers, fuck shit up enjoy yourself. Period!

Are you able to continue KOTR again?

Fuck yeah I'd!

10 Items You WOULDN'T KNOW Unless of course obviously You're Inside The REAL VAN

(1) Kyle Master and Mike Ruiz roshambo'd to find out who'd hop on the 34-stair rail first for your doubles rail challenge

(2) P-Stone used the identical t-shirt for the entire 12-trip (which was not just a challenge inside the book)

(3) Mike Ruiz's lipslide to fakie round the Cardiel rail in Sacto was go. Jakie to fakie!

(4) Mike Donnelly features a mean kickflip plus a meaner face kick. Should've already been through it

(5) Individuals doing the Harlem shake inside our video were not actual > Real team riders. We hired them for the challenge

(6) We did not put any bike locks on any rails over the trip to prevent other teams from skating them

(7) Jeremy, also referred to as Shitty Schmitty, the DLX filmer visited sleep while filming World's Best Brunch with Jimmy Arrighi. No lie

(8) Frank Gerwer is happening every skate trip! what size of skateboard should i get

(9) Before trip, Mike Ruiz hadn't met Louie Barletta. Because he did, he'd the identical haircut plus a nose ring. Weird!

(10) We'd making it rain because it didn't rain around the entire trip


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Myślałem, że takie abstrakcje tylko w javie mają, dawno w c++ nie pisałem.


W sumie i tak to tak samo powinno się wykonać,

Bo taki parser i tak musi przejść buffor do napotkania białych znaków i pominąć występujące przed liczbą białe znaki, i te elementy przekształcić na liczbę,
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np. " 234252 "
parser pominie " " i wskaźnik zostawi zaraz po "234252"+6 jako procesor, to sparsuje i zwróci liczbę, mniej więcej to tak samo wyjdzie, ale tak jest nawet lepiej zaprojektowane.
W javie tak chyba to jest zaimplementowane.
Parsowanie intów, double, może być trudniejsze, bo tam trzeba też pominąć znaki uwzględnić według jakich kryteriów znak dyskwalifikuje dany ciąg znaków jako liczbę itp.
Te problemy są dość dziwne i trzeba być naprawdę zdecydowanym człowiekiem, żeby być pewnym że akurat znak przed daną liczbą, bo ktoś spacji zapomniał, musi być uznany za nie liczbę.

Pod maską to chyba tak wygląda, chyba że jest jakaś lepsza metoda.
Chyba lepiej się nie da? @kq

awk '{ sum = 0; for( i = 1; i <= NF; i++ ) sum += $i; } END{ print sum; }'

tylko poprzekierowywać strumienie i voila. Jak bardzo chcesz w C, to pocytaj o funkcji exec. :D Generalnie odradzam uczyć się przekombinowywać, fatalny nawyk.

cout << std::accumulate(std::istream_iterator<int>(cin), {}, 0) << endl;

Zanim jakiś półmózg napisze że nie zrozumiałem. stdin to plik.

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błędy poprawisz se ziomek sam. Zasadniczo idea jets słuszna.

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