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Senior Front-End Engineer


15 000 - 15 000 zł netto

  • Kontrakt Umowa

  • 51-100 pracowników Rozmiar firmy

  • 2009 Rok założenia firmy

  • WWW

Język programowania

Opis oferty

Your challenge:
You will join one of our cross-functional product teams and work alongside a Product Lead, our UX Designer and the Development Team to build a great product with us. As a Senior Frontend Engineer, we need you to help us build beautiful and functional user interfaces for our product, as well as maintain and develop the frontend code base. This includes: * building and launching new products, as well as improving existing ones with our team,
* creating a base of reusable styles for quick development of new pages and features,
* helping us gradually improve our code base so that we can develop new functionality faster,
* introducing modern front-end technologies to the team,


* have experience with writing maintainable JavaScript code and frontend unit tests,
* know CSS well and understand the importance of code organization,
* worked with few frameworks and know how frontend code could be structured,
* can juggle promises and asynchronous code,
* understand the environment in which the frontend code will function,
* are excited to work on a shared code-base with the whole team, do pair programming, and improve the code together,
* like to share your knowledge and teach others,
* understand that the users come first and code second (we work in cross-functional product-oriented teams),
* are comfortable working in English.

* relocation assistance
* hardware and software of your choice
* books, conferences and mentors to help you grow
* take good care of yourself budget (for gym membership and massages)
* private medical insurance.

Want to work with us? Great! This is what we need from you:
1) Your CV or your online profile
2) A note saying: * why a startup job attracts you?
* what do you like/dislike about Codility?
* what would be the the first thing you would like to change/improve on Codility website or in our product?

Metodologia pracy


  • Karta multisport (lub podobna)
  • Kuchnia
  • Darmowe przekąski
  • Darmowa kawa i inne napoje
  • Prywatna opieka zdrowotna
  • Pokój gier
  • Elastyczne godziny pracy
  • Szkolenia
  • Konferencje
  • Your dream equipment
  • Open office and environment
  • Relocation assistance
  • Unlimited Amazon book orders for the Codility library
  • Budget to help you learn and grow
  • Take good care of yourself budget (for the gym membership, massages - you tell us!),

O Codility

We test coders
Our story started in 2005 when Greg, our founder, was looking for a quick way to recruit the 20 additional software engineers needed by the IT start-up he worked for in China, while at the same time saving time, money and avoiding stress. The result was the beta version of Codility: a tool to filter out the 90+% of candidates who are unable to deliver correct solutions to easy programming tasks.