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C++ Principal Engineer and Team Lead


75 000 - 85 000 € netto / rocznie

Język programowania

Opis oferty

itContracting on behalf of our client are seeking applications for the position of C++ Principal Engineer and Team Lead . This is a permanent position based in Dublin This is an opportunity to join a world-leading engineering team working on the design and development of new features across our client's entire product range. They are at a tremendously exciting stage with extensive innovative work on-going and an exciting vision to fulfil. You will also be responsible for a team of approx 9 exceptionally talented C++ engineers.


  • Possess excellent technical judgement and can think problems all the way through
  • Are able to bring others with them through articulating their vision and justifying the design decisions that led to it
  • See having their solutions challenged as an opportunity to collectively define a better solution
  • Are capable of taking a vague set of requirements and turning them into a realistic set of building blocks that lead to a solution
  • Enjoy identifying constraints and designing great solutions within the constraint space
  • Understand the importance of successful product delivery
  • Understand how to write code that can be worked on by others
  • Understand what it takes to deliver and code a high availability and high performance system
  • Are aware of the implementation details of commonly used C++ features and how to use that knowledge to help implement efficient yet maintainable code
  • Are comfortable asking for help, taking advice and accepting criticism
  • Can articulate the reasoning behind decisions or trade-offs
  • Do not believe that something works until an automated test says it does
  • Believe in refactoring over cutting and pasting
  • Believe in pragmatism over cleverness and dogmatism
  • Understand the value of their own time
  • Can follow existing patterns where required to do so
  • Invent new patterns where required to do so - and justify that invention
  • Are able to solve issues seen in the field from very limited data


  • Third Level Computer Science or Computer Engineering Degree
  • An expert skill level in C++ programming
  • Experience in guiding, developing and leading high acheiving engineers
  • Extensive experience with highly complex, massively multi-threaded environments
  • Experience in leading (e.g as a Feature Lead, Team Lead, Technical Lead) the design and coding of software products and product features

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