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Electrical engineer with exceptional experience in C++

25 - 50 $ netto / godzinowo

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We are a Los Angeles based manufacturer of high power laser welding, Marking, Engraving and Cutting systems. We are looking for highly skilled electrical engineer/ programmer with a minimum of 7-10 years' experience in the following C++, Delphi 5,6,7 , Python and experience in the use of Embarcadero RAD Studio 2010, X2, XE3, XE4,XE5, XE6, XE7 (32&64 bit).

Design experience in optical systems, lasers, laser programming, laser command, automation, pulse and direction programming, processing of stl files, & cad files, Electrical and PCB design. Additional skills in solidworks or design software are a plus. Candidate need not be US citizens and we do not mind sponsoring him/her if they qualify.

We already have existing software that we have developed in house and we need to improve upon it and make it more automation friendly.


This is position for remote developer/consultant, although you would be expected to come to Los Angeles for few months every year, all expenses paid + diet. If you're not exactly the type we're looking for please let me know anyway as some skills can be taught.

Please send CV  in an email to robert.drymajlo(#)

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