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Techland Sp. z o.o.

Senior Gameplay Programmer

Techland Sp. z o.o.

Opis oferty

Techland is one of the leading game developers in Poland. We create games for next‐gen, past-gen consoles, PC and mobile platforms, always using the latest technologies–including Techland's proprietary Chrome Engine. Our game Dead Island became a worldwide bestseller, as of today selling over 9 million copies in total. Across four studios in Wrocław, Warsaw, Ostrów Wielkopolski (all Poland) and Vancouver, Canada, we unite more than 260 specialists committed to delivering software of highest quality. We are a unique company, a meeting place for engineers, designers, scriptwriters artists –essentially people for whom electronic entertainment is a way of life.

We are currently recruiting for the position of:

Senior Gameplay Programmer

(based in: Wroclaw)


Main task

Designing and implementation of advanced systems in new projects developed by Techland – according to experience and interest of the Candidate

We expect

  • excellent knowledge of C++proven experience in at least 5 given aspects of video games development or  expert level of knowledge in one of them:
-          artificial intelligence used in video games (decision-making, spatial representation, path finding algorithms)

-          player character control mechanics (movement / fighting / shooting / environment interaction)

-          character animation systems (FPP / TPP)

-          networking solutions in games (peer2peer vs. client-server architecture, cooperative and competitive gameplay)

-          game world objects management

-          user interface (menu, HUD)

-          support for scripting / map creation / quests design

-          tools supporting in game content creation

-          physics (dynamic environment / vehicles simulation)

-          audio processing (standards, sound engineering, digital signal processing)

  • at least one released multiplatform title on PC / Xbox 360 / PS3 or 3 published titles on mobile platforms or digitally distributed
  • passion for making and playing games
  • knowledge of the latest video games industry trends and titles, especially in area of FPP games
  • good communication and organizational skills, able to easily present ideas and information to work with the team proven by past experience
  • preferred experience in agile development environments

    Why join Techland?
Techland is a team of talented and experienced specialists, who enjoy sharing their knowledge. That's why we're building the Techland Know-How Database, to ensure that no experience – no matter if bad or good – is lost.

We are a versatile company, the developer of popular and well-established franchises (Call of Juarez, Dead Island) as well as exciting and original IPs (Dying Light, Hellraid).

We always pursue innovative and bold IT projects. For all our games we use only the latest technologies – or we create our own. Right now we're working hard on the sixth generation of our proprietary Chrome Engine.

For us, game development means something more than just work. It's a passion, a way of life, and – to be honest – great fun. We take care to create an amazing work environment through team get-togethers and bonding events: for the whole company in summer and before Christmas, and locally after releasing our latest game or whenever we feel like it.

We offer a comprehensive benefits package. To see more, check our website


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Techland Sp. z o.o.

Techland to największy w Polsce producent gier komputerowych. Nasze gry, w tym Dying Light oraz serie Dead Island i Call of Juarez, zostały wydane niemal na całym świecie i zdobyły rzesze wiernych fanów. Międzynarodowy sukces Dead Island (ponad 9 milionów sprzedanych egzemplarzy) umocnił pozycję naszej Firmy jako twórcy światowej klasy rozrywki. W roku 2015 wydaliśmy Dying Light, największy tytuł w historii Techlandu, który natychmiast stał się światowym bestsellerem. Obecnie wciąż rozwijamy Dying Light oraz pracujemy nad kolejnymi dużymi produkcjami. Dzięki użyciu najnowszych technologii i zatrudnianiu najlepszych specjalistów w branży od ponad 20 lat dostarczamy niezapomnianych przeżyć graczom na całym świecie.