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Mirantis, Inc

Python Software Engineer/Mirantis, Inc

Mirantis, Inc

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Mirantis has more experience delivering OpenStack clouds to more customers than any other company. We build the infrastructure that makes OpenStack work. We are profitable, have strong investors, and ample cash reserves. We are proud to be Founding sponsors of OpenStack and to serve on the OpenStack Foundation Board. What Linux was to open source and operating systems, OpenStack is to cloud computing. It makes programmable infrastructure vendor-neutral and frictionless to access, not to mention it unlocks distributed applications and accelerates innovation. OpenStack transforms virtualization from an efficiency to a whole new compute paradigm.

If you're an ambitious Python Software Engineer and thrive on working on tough, real-world problems, you want to work here. We are building a data center management product (Mirantis OpenStack) which can become the standard choice of a simple but powerful OpenStack deployment tool. We want you to bring ideas of how it should look and implement it. With the tool presently used to deploy OpenStack at the moment, we have an ambitious roadmap which includes live upgrades, network devices management, SDN devices integration and many more.

Technically Mirantis OpenStack consists of JavaScript driven UI which communicates with the REST API backend, written in Python. The backend stores information in the DB, and has complex logical pieces for management of OpenStack networks, disks and some other entities. It then passes the work to a deployment orchestrator, which calls different agents on nodes, including Puppet for the actual deployment.


Primary Responsibilities:
  • Design and implement new features for Mirantis OpenStack in Python (backend);
  • Perform researches in order to find the best approaches to implement certain features;
  • Take the lead on development process when needed;
  • Drive the collaboration process with other team members;
  • Engage in conversations with the community that we are building around the product;
  • Exchange ideas and find ways to improve the Mirantis OpenStack and OpenStack itself.


  • Good communication skills;
  • Excellent knowledge of the Python ecosystem;

Big Plus:

  • Systems administration in Linux;
  • Experience with DevOps practices, Chef & Puppet;
  • Experience with HA solutions (e.g. – for MySQL, RabbitMQ);
  • Knowledge of Linux and L2-L7 networking;
  • Basic js/html/css knowledge;
  • Fluent English.

What We Offer:

  • Work with exceptionally passionate, talented and engaging colleagues;
  • High-energy atmosphere of a young company, competitive compensation package;
  • Strong benefits plan;
  • Lots of freedom for creativity and personal growth.

Metodologia pracy

O Mirantis, Inc

Mirantis поставляет OpenStack ® облака. Мы крупнейший независимый поставщик услуг OpenStack и технологии. С более чем 40 успешных OpenStack реализаций под нашим поясом и скамейки из 300 экспертов + инфраструктуры, мы поставляем все интеграцию, обучение и поддержку, необходимую для компаний, чтобы добиться успеха с производства класса OpenStack.
Также мы строим продукт управления ЦОД (топливо) Какой может стать стандартом выбор простой, но мощный инструмент развертывания OpenStack.Мы хотим, чтобы вы принесли идеи того, как он должен выглядеть и реализовать его.С помощью инструмента в настоящее время используется для развертывания OpenStack на данный момент, у нас есть амбициозный план, который включает живые обновления, управления сетевых устройств, SDN устройств интеграции и многое другое.

Mirantis со штаб-квартирой в Маунтин-Вью, Калифорния, и работает на пяти дополнительных международных местах в России, Украине и Польше. Компания является предприятие финансируется, в том числе инвестиций по Intel Capital, Dell Ventures и Западной саммита Capital.