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Micazook Ltd.

Game Developer / Team Leader

Micazook Ltd.

5 000 - 10 000 zł netto

Język programowania

Opis oferty

As a Senior Tech Programmer, you often analyze complex requirements and programming structures and turn them into simple, effective designs with even better implementations. You're very ambitious, and even though you like tried-and-tested methods you're not afraid to try something radical or new every now and then. Your skills are in the fields of graphics, audio, memory management, streaming, optimization or any combination thereof. The systems you produce are efficient, easy to maintain and they do what the end-user wants (regardless of whether that end user is a 3D artist, a sound director, a game designer or another coder). You encourage other people to be ambitious as well, but you always make sure to avoid unnecessary risks.


- A structured approach to programming with the desire to write clean, well commented, documented and maintainable code.
- Excellent understanding of the impact of code on performance and memory usage
- Experience with optimisation and low-level programming.
- Experience with source control systems such as SVN, Git...
- A good understanding of game technology principles.
- You know that what matters most is the quality of the User Experience, you can't satisfy yourself with so-so results
- A positive can do attitude coupled with the ability to get things done.
- Perform well under deadline pressure in a fast paced environment Desirable Skills (non essential):
- Understanding of machine architecture.
- Strong 3D math skills.
- The ability to analyse and optimise algorithms for efficiency.
- Knowledge of Python, Qt, AS3
- Agile/Scrum
- Knowledge of Social Games
- fluent with OpenGL, DirectX.

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O Micazook Ltd.

Micazook is one of the most innovative software development and publishing companies in the UK. The company was started in 2004 with the aim to develop PC and mobile based applications and games across multiple platforms which saw the company grow very rapidly. Our innovations include one of the world's biggest MMO applications ProjectX which is the probably the worlds most ambitious MMO engine built to date and it encapsulating planet earth in 3D. Our globe viewer is one of the most cutting edge 3D Satellite imaging and map systems in the world which also works hand in hand with our 3D earth. We also innovate and create some amazing mobile applications and games across several platforms such as the Iphone, Symbian, J2me and the Android not to mention facebook apps and games. Micazook currently spans across four territories which include Europe and America.