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Data Scientist

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Data Scientist will conduct advanced data processing and analysis for optimization of financial monitoring system in Citi. Data Scientist will execute complex data analytics providing support for statistical analysis and data visualizations. Job requires experience in algorithm design and simulation as well as processing transaction level data. Requirements include programming experience with data analysis, data processing and statistical tools (Oracle, SAS/R, BigData). Strong background in SQL database processing and exceptional programming skills are essential. Experience in risk analysis/management would be an advantage. Fluency in English and very good written and verbal communication skills are required.


Key Responsibilities:

1 Design and optimize fast detection algorithms/rules in the very large financial monitoring system based on extensive data mining and statistical analyses of the system.
2. Implement, test and monitor new algorithms/rules. Maintain high quality code and documentation. Assure efficiency/stability and scalability of the solution.
3. Conduct data-driven analysis and reports. Apply qualitative and quantitative data analysis methods; prepare statistical and non-statistical data exploration. Analyze and interpret data reports, draw conclusions and make recommendations answering specific business needs.
4. Provide technical support to the team by implementing automation tools and integrating MS Office Excel, Access, Oracle Database and SAS platforms. Design technical solutions supporting complex data reporting and analytical tasks. Generate complex graphical data reports, including data crosstabs, scatter plots and statistical measures.
5. Provide Data pulls and reports directly from Oracle Database. Write efficient SQL and PL-SQL queries in complex Very Large Scale database environment. Monitor time and capacity used during query execution, design efficient query execution plans.
6. Ensure Data Quality and Reliability. Design and implement various Data Quality methods in SAS and Oracle database. Run quality checks against database and report all data issues. Detect and report data anomalies, perform trace-back analysis and identify source of data problems. Recommend data quality solutions

Knowledge/Experience: • 5 years of experience in data mining and SQL, PL-SQL programming
• Minimum of 5 years of experience with relational databases such as Oracle, SQL Server, and Data Marts/Data Warehouses.
• Minimum of 2-3 years of experience with SAS.
• Experience with very large transactional systems, processing large volumes of data
• Strong programming skills (SAS 4GL, PL-SQL, VBA, Python, Perl, Bash)
• Strong statistical/data analysis skills
• Data visualization and automation of data processing pipelines
• Excellent verbal and written communications.

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