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Opis oferty

Firma Matsuu zajmuje się tworzeniem natywnych aplikacji mobilnych na rynek amerykański. Do naszego działu R&D w Gdyni poszukujemy JAVA DEVELOPERA.


public class JobOfferJAVA {
public static void main(String[] args) {
System.out.println("Hello, Candidate!"); MatsuuCompany matsuuCompany = new MatsuuCompany("Mobile apps dev company");
matsuuCompany.hq = "New Jersey, USA";
matsuuCompany.rnd = "Gdynia, PL";

JobProfile jobProfile = matsuuCompany.searchJob("JAVA DEVELOPER",
new String[]{"3+ years of professional experience", "fluent Java, knowledge of Java EE (JPA, JMS, JMX, REST, SOAP)",
"Maven, Git", "Oracle RDBMS and SQL", "good command of English language",
"additional knowledge of issues relating to cryptography(PKI)"});

if (You.yourProfile == jobProfile) {
boolean applySuccess = You.apply("JAVA DEV", "[email protected]");

if (applySuccces) {
matsuuCompany.offers(new String[]{"challenging work", "experimental solutions", "international customers", "dynamic and experienced team",
"private medical care"});
You.provide(new String[]{"client systems based on JavaSE / JavaEE", "current tasks resulting from project plan",
"cooperation with other teams (software development process)", "reporting"});


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