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Senior Backend Ruby on Rails developer


od 10 000 zł netto

Opis oferty

Bored at work? Need some new challenges? Become a part of our unique team to bring cutting-edge products to the exciting mobile market in Myanmar. Now at Salary from PLN 10,000 and sky is the limit as they say
Contract: B2B
Location: Kraków, co-working space near Main Square

Technologies used:
- Rails
- PostgreSQL
- Elasticsearch
- CircleCI
- Github
- NodeJS
- Redis
- Chef
- New Relic
- Jira
- Golang
- MongoDB
- Engine Yard
- AirBrake
- Kanban

Work methodology:
- Code Reviews: every pull request
- Unit Tests: yes
- Version Control System: yes Github
- Issue Tracking Tool: yes - Jira
- Tester(s): yes - QA team
- Agile management: yes - scrum/kanban
- Freedom to choose tools: yes
- Commit on the first day: yes

The recruitment process goes this way:
- You send us a resume
- We schedule a call
- Once the call is done, a coding challenge is scheduled where you meet the team and do some coding with them.
- If everyone's happy, we process the onboarding

Would you like to know more? Resumes and questions, please get in touch with Talent Recruiting Consultant Aneta: [email protected]


- Expertise with HTML5/CSS3 and responsive design
- Deep knowledge of popular javascript and css libraries such as jQuery and bootstrap
- Experience with github
- Experience in Ruby on Rails development for server and/or web applications desirable; comparable experience might also work, we strongly believe in you being able to catch up on any new areas that you're required to know about, so don't hesitate to call us if you think you're a fit
- Experience with the whole software development lifecycle (analysis, design, implementation, roll-out, maintenance) is a plus, you'll be involved in everything
- Experience with server applications and REST API's is a plus
- We're an international organization, so English skills are obviously necessary

Metodologia pracy

O MySquar

MySQUAR commenced operations in June 2013, having identified a strategic opportunity to launch social media applications in the rapidly emerging Myanmar market. The Company's initial vision was to create an open forum social app, where users could see all users' posts as well as categorise posts into popular areas such as sports, music and entertainment. This was achieved through the launch of MyCHAT.

As the first social media provider focussed solely on Myanmar, incorporating Burmese customs, characters and language, MySQUAR has secured a unique first mover advantage and a platform from which to leverage its position. The Directors believe that the use of local language gives a sense of belonging and community to the users, and enables a fast spread across the mobile device users for the purpose of user acquisition. Accordingly tailored products and services are being developed and launched that will capitalise on the rapid adoption of mobile services by the people of Myanmar as the telecommunications networks are rolled out across the country.

To execute its roll out, the Company has developed a tailored marketing strategy to boost its corporate and consumer profile and intends to continue to develop its Myanmar-driven suite of products in order to build MySQUAR's reputation and engagement with the user, whilst also increasing barriers to entry for competitors.