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Senior Java Programmer

Griffon IT services BV

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My client, an international project in Amsterdam, is seeking a Senior Software Engineer for a international project. The role is working in a financial service company. The existing application is working in the area of online tracking and tracing of payments.


The following skills are required for the role;

  • Familiar with developing Java/JEE web-applications
  • JEE (5&6) Application Servers (E.G. WebSphere or Tomcat)
  • Web-application security
  • Popular frameworks: (E.G Spring-MVC or Jersey)
  • Dependency injection (E.G. Spring DI, Guice, Pico or JEE6)
  • Open-source test-tooling: (E.G. jUnit, TestNG, Cucumber)
  • Mocking frameworks (E.G. PowerMock, Mockito)
  • CD principles and tooling (Jenkins, Sonar, auto-deployment)
  • Code quality (Sonar, PMD, Checkstyle, Findbugs)
It was also be preferable if the candidate had knowledge of Scala, Akka and Play, though a candidate who is keen to learn these skills is welcomed.

Working remote is not an option, you would have to relocate.

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