Sitecore Community Poland event is coming to Krakow! Join us for pizza and interesting presentations about Sitecore. Whether you’re Sitecore developer, .NET developer or just tech enthusiast, we want to have you at the event! Our event is completely free to join, so we hope to see you there!

But this meeting is not just about attending, but also sharing. Have something interesting to say about Sitecore? Done something cool and want to share it with our audience? Let us know and perform in a form of "lightning talk". Contact us for more details!

Say hello to our speakers!

Jason Wilkerson (Sitecore MVP)
Topic of the presentation: "Helix architecture"
About Jason
Jason (@longhorntaco) is the Discipline Lead of the Sitecore practice at RBA, Inc., a Sitecore Platinum Partner. In 2016, he had the honor of being selected as a Sitecore Technology MVP, primarily due to his commitment to the Sitecore Community as a speaker, blogger and thought leader. Jason's passions lie deep in architecture and technology. With an unrivaled eye towards quality and elegance, he strives to make every customer's solution the most intuitive and maintainable it can possibly be - not only from a technical standpoint, but also from the user's perspective. With almost two decades of experience building enterprise-class software, as well as leading teams of developers, project managers, business analysts and quality assurance testers, he's been able to assemble an impressive list of successful projects, leaving nothing but satisfied customers behind him.

Marek Godawski
Topic of the presentation: "Profiling and Predictive Personalization"
About Marek
Natural problem-solver, forward-thinker and conflict mitigator. Analytical mind, focused on results and getting things done, avid efficiency seeker. At built a B2B wayfinding solution now used across 50 shopping malls in Poland and went through IPO process with the company. Second development team employee in Krakow after CTO built a team of 35 people delivering complex money transfer platform that’s now considered top three in digital money transfer sites while the company grew from 20 to 120 overall during his tenure. At Sabre helping over 300k travel agents get trained by building a large-scale Learning Management System. Life enthusiast, sociable at all times - jogger, sport addict, strong believer in humanity. Entrepreneurial and creative spirit.

Łukasz Skowroński
Topic of the presentation: "Find your own path with Sitecore" How to become a Sitecore developer.
About Łukasz
Works as a Lead Sitecore Developer at Coders Center. He started his adventure with professional web applications in 2007 and currently he has more than 9 years of experience as a software developer. For the last 3 years he has been working only on Sitecore implementations and during this time he has had a pleasure to work on more than 15 Sitecore projects. He spends his free time writing posts on his blog ( and devoting himself to his wife and kids.

Robert Senktas
Topic of the presentation: "Why content personalization matters?"
A presentation/discussion about different aspects of personalization based on Sitecore Legal Demo.
About Robert
Sitecore Architect and Trainer. He has 15+ years of commercial software development experience across a wide range of technologies and has successfully delivered software products for embedded, Windows, and web platforms. His passion is learning new technologies and automation of development processes.

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