Mam problem z instalacją Netkita. Po uruchomieniu skryptu sprawdzającego pojawia mi się takie coś:

>  Checking path correctness... passed.
>  Checking environment... passed.
>  Checking for availability of man pages... passed.
>  Checking for proper directories in the PATH... passed.
>  Checking for availability of auxiliary tools:
    awk          : ok
    basename     : ok
    date         : ok
    dirname      : ok
    find         : ok
    getopt       : ok
    grep         : ok
    head         : ok
    id           : ok
    kill         : ok
    ls           : ok
    lsof         : ok
    ps           : ok
    readlink     : ok
    wc           : ok
    port-helper  : ok
    tunctl       : ok
    uml_mconsole : ok
    uml_switch   : ok
>  Checking for availability of terminal emulator applications:
    xterm          : found
    konsole        : found
    gnome-terminal : found
>  Checking filesystem type... failed!

*** Warning: You appear to be running Netkit on a filesystem ()
that does not support sparse files. This may result in dramatic performance
loss and disk space consumption. It is strongly advised to run Netkit
on a filesystem that supports sparse files (e.g., extX, NTFS, ReiserFS do;
FAT32 does not).

>  Checking whether 32-bit executables can run... passed.

[WARNING] Some configuration settings should be changed.
          You may also ignore this message, but doing so may result in Netkit
          not working properly on your system.

Co robić? :D