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Senior Scala/Spark Developer

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Opis oferty

The aim of this project is to build an efficient platform for Top Level management in leading Investment bank. The project belongs to a class of IT verticals called Fraud Detection (Data Mining).
Data mining projects are viewed under the umbrella of Cross Industry Standard Process and have 6 major phases: business understanding, data understanding, data preparation, modeling, evaluation and deployment.
Current project implementation is based on SAS platform and could be divided on four logical parts:
- Data acquisition
- KRI processing
- Data visualization, reporting, dash boarding
- Case Management

Technological Stack:
Spark 1.4 - 2.0

Test Automatization

Wymagania i obowiązki

Practical experience in Scala programming language and Spark.
Practical experience in development of: Domain Specific Languages, AST, Symbolic Expressions and corresponding concepts to enterprise applications.
Machine learning algorithms on large distributed data sets.
Knowledge of Functional Programming techniques and corresponding libraries (Scalaz/Cats, Functional Java).

Having overall 3 years of working experience.
Skills Required:
Upper-Intermediate English level.

Must have skills in following languages/technologies:
• Scala, Scalaz/Cats;
• Apache Spark, SparkR, MLlib/Spark ML, Spark API: DDR, DataFrame, DataSet;
• Apache Zeppelin;
• Parboiled;
• Clojure, Gorilla REPL, Sparkling and Flambo, Incanter;
• Hadoop, Parquet files;
• Oracle WebLogic Server, Apache Tomcat;

A Big Plus to have experience in:
• experience in design and development of custom Interpreters/Compilers is a big plus;
• practical experience in Scala Macros and Quasiquotes is a plus;
• experience in generic programming and libraries (Shapeless) is plus;
• Notebooks: Spark-notebook, Scala Notebook, Gorilla REPL, Jupyter Notebook;
• Amazon AWS;
• iPhyton, Phyton;
• Akka;
• KDB;


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