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JavaScript Developer


4 000 - 6 000 zł netto

Język programowania

Opis oferty

For our client, Usability Tools, we are looking for:
  • Ambitious programmer, who wants to test his skills in unusual environment
  • Front-end specialist looking for knowledge about web browsers, that can't be found in the Internet
  • Developer seeking challenge outside software-house, who wants to create unique tools
What we offer:

  • Taking part in designing process of unique products
  • Professional knowledge about web browsers
  • Challenges you can't find in software-house
  • Work with high-tech developer tools: Angular JS, Pixi.js, Hammer.js, SCSS, Browserify, Grunt
  • Casual, non-corporate atmosphere in UsabilityTools HQ located in Poznan district of Jeżyce
  • Being open and helpful towards your initiatives
  • Influential part of a start-up company creating the user experience worldwide business, developing product used by H&M, Ford, T-Mobile and others
  • Teamwork with multicultural and zingy professionals
  • Unlimited amount of coffee


Your responsibilities:
  • Implementing and designing architecture of innovative tool like Visitor Recording
  • Prepare test and (a little bit of) documentation
  • Cooperate with Product Manager during design process of new apps function
  • Test app functionality on PC and mobile device
  • Maintain existing usability tools (click hit-maps, analysis forms)

You should:

  • Have high, confirmed by product delivery experience in JavaScript (closures, prototypes, ECMAScript 5 and strict mode) and web browsers API (MutationObserver, WebSockets)
  • Be able to use Test-Driven Development process
  • Have at least theoretical knowledge about Responsive Web DesignKnow MVC framework to use single-page apps
  • Know English enough for understanding technical documentation and everyday office small talks
  • Have analytic thinking and want to deal with unexpected problems
  • Be creative, committed, proactive, have initiative and be ready to work in a start-up where unpredictable tasks are more than common
  • Be very social and teamwork person
  • Be eager to constantly learn something valuable
  • You don't have to follow any dress code, show us Harvard's diploma and have perfect knowledge about web-developing

How we're imagining the perfect candidate:

  • Experience in website implementation in mobile browser (Safari Mobile, Android Browser)
  • Languages: SCSS, Bash, ECMAScript 6
  • Basic understanding: RequireJS, Jenkins, Twitter Bootstrap, REST
  • Open-source projects participation
  • Knowledge about: user experience, research, conversion optimization
  • Unusual hobby

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