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Java Developer


6 000 - 6 500 zł netto

Język programowania

Opis oferty

Wanted: A Java Developer for the UsabilityTools team, a platform for testing sites' and web applications' usability. We are the only company specializing in that area in Poznań, and one of few in Poland. We have clients from USA, UK, Australia, and other corners of the world.

About work:

  • We build a web application used for collecting interactions on websites (mvn, Java 7, JEE, guava, JAX-RS),
  • We process hundreds of gigabytes of data and perform millions of calculations (mongodb, mysql + hibernate),
  • We participate in everything, from requirements to deployment (trello, nginx, Glassfish, dropwizard, Jenkins),
  • You are the one who picks the technology, libraries, and tools you want to use: it is results that matter,
  • We test and monitor our code (mockito, log4j, yammer),
  • We face interesting problems (GC JVM, debugging thread leaks, performance problems),
  • You can immediately see the results of your efforts – dozens of companies use our application every day.
All of that served in a lovely start-up atmosphere! All of us belong to one team with a clearly defined objective.

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