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Full Stack Developer

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Full Stack JavaScript Developer
We are excited that you found our post and are considering joining our team. Below you will find a little bit of information about our company and some skills we are looking to find in you. If you feel you meet the requirements and want to join a successful company full of high energy people who love cutting edge technologies...just follow the instructions at the end of this post to apply for the position. A Little About TapToEat

TapToEat is on a mission to help independent restaurants fulfill their dreams. We do it by strengthening the relationship between restaurants and their customers with our easy-to-use online ordering platform, custom-built mobile apps, and restaurant branded marketing campaigns.

Tap To Eat is revolutionizing the way people order their favorite food from their favorite restaurants. Utilizing the latest mobile, social and web technologies, we are building the most advanced platform for ordering food through the internet-connected world. Yet despite our sophistication, we've been able to use some engineering magic to make TapToEat super fast, easy and fun to use.


A Little About You

We're looking for a super geek to join us. One who loves to code and explore new technologies. Our team is comprised of seasoned entrepreneurs and developers who have proven track records of success....and we want you to be on our team.

Here are some of the technologies we utilize....

- javascript
- html/css
- backbone
- underscore/lodash
- requirejs
- less (or other css pre-processors)
- handlebars/mustache/dustjs templates

- nodejs
- mongoose
- IoC/dependency injection pattern

- mongodb
- redis
- elasticsearch (optional)

You should have the ability to dive into the code and make progress without being new to things like icon fonts, css transitions, semantic html, MV*, frontend templating, RESTful api design, JSON serialization/deserialization, document databases, etc.

Basically, we want a self starter!

We look forward to hearing from you!

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  • Kuchnia
  • Darmowe przekąski
  • Darmowe posiłki
  • Darmowa kawa i inne napoje
  • Pokój gier
  • Prysznic
  •  Xbox 360, PS3, and PS4 with a ton of games

O BrowseLabs

BrowseLabs is a ventured funded incubator founded by advertising and technology veterans, who have built, sold and invested in multiple startups. We create, accelerate, and scale businesses ideas by bringing together the best technical, business, and marketing resources.
Unlike traditional development shops, BrowseLabs does not accept product requirements and crank out code. We take active ownership of the product. Our process begins with product strategy, user stories, user experience testing, and interviews. This initial phase gives everyone more insight into what specific problems exist in the market and how best to address them. Our new, 250sqm large office is located right next to the Main Square!
We are very passionate about what we do here, and at the same time have fun doing what we love. Come meet us in person, and learn more!