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Java Software Engineer - Lifecycle & DB Agent Team


12 000 - 22 000 zł brutto

  • Umowa o pracę Umowa

  • Senior Poziom doświadczenia

  • 501-1000 pracowników Rozmiar firmy

  • 2005 Rok założenia firmy

  • WWW

Język programowania

Opis oferty

Your role in the team
  • Develop new features in the best APM solution available
  • Focus on squeezing the most out of DB server performance basing on gathered data
  • Share your knowledge and experience with us, feel the impact you can have on the product and company
  • Enjoy helping other developers by working on TestAutomation features tailored to their needs
  • Collaborate with the rest of our Scrum Team, including Project Manager and Software Architect, and other teams spread around the world
  • Enhance your end-to-end development craftsmanship to provide high-quality product, but don't worry - we're here to help you
  • Become the Darts Champion, but be aware - we won't help you here

What do we expect from you?
  • Excellent Java programming skills as a full-stack developer
  • Experience in distributed and multi-tier web applications
  • Hands-on knowledge of tools and techniques helping to write high-quality code
  • Ability to complete assigned tasks independently and as a part of a multiculture team
  • Very good communication skills in English
  • Comfortable with using and writing REST based interfaces
  • Experience in using popular libraries like: Apache Commons, Google Guava, JUnit, Mockito (…)

About your team

Database Monitoring - we develop DB Insights, which make it possible to monitor the internals of various database engines, like Oracle, HanaDB, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL and DB2. By correlating the events captured by application agents with data we get by monitoring DB, we're able to provide precise, yet broad context of potential performance issues. Constant monitoring of Top Slow Queries or Wait States allow us to provide full insight of the server health and dive into details to investigate any issues. 

Why join?
  • We focus on high code quality and provide a chance for you to develop your skills
  • We work according to Agile Dev principles, we make sure all the team efforts are transparent, we inspect our progress daily and find ways to improve the value we deliver as the team
  • We understand and truly believe that everyone in the team does the best job possible
  • Each sprint, you receive friendly feedback on your performance to help you boost your skills
  • Finally – we work on and with our own product, so we have the comfort to spend as much effort needed to be confident with the solution we provide to our customers.

Recruitment process

Step 1: Send us your job application 
Step 2: We invite you to a personal or online meeting with us
Step 3: Meet our Development Lead, Team Lead and team members to talk about your experience, technical skills and English communication skills
Step 4: Meet the Development Lead and HR representative to sign your contract. Congratulations, and welcome to the Dynatrace Team!

Metodologia pracy

  • System kontroli wersji ― GIT, SVN
  • System zarządzania projektem ― SCRUM
  • Metodologia Agile ― SCRUM
  • Komunikator firmowy ― Slack
  • Code review ― GIT
  • Continuous Integration
  • Testy jednostkowe
  • Testy integracyjne
  • Testerzy w zespole
  • System zarządzania wiedzą ― Wiki
  • Statyczna analiza kodu ― SONAR
  • Swoboda w wyborze oprogramowania


  • Karta multisport (lub podobna)
  • Kuchnia
  • Darmowe przekąski
  • Darmowa kawa i inne napoje
  • Prywatna opieka zdrowotna
  • Pokój gier
  • Siłownia
  • Konferencje
  • Prysznic

Praca w Dynatrace

O Dynatrace

Dołącz do naszej ekipy, pracuj nad produktem, który zmienia oblicze świata IT!

We thrive in a culture of innovation, with bytes running through our veins and code filling our brains. We deliver smart solutions that beat market standards by light years.
For 10 years running, we have been and continue to be the leaders in the Application Performance Market because we create and develop an intelligent solution that enables thousands of software companies to deliver perfect user experience.

“The software you build is only as good as the people who make it, we made a concerted effort that we must attract and retain the best developers in the world. It helps that our culture is unique, and our people feel as though they are part of creating something that isn’t evolutionary – it’s revolutionary.”

John Van Siclen
Chief Executive Officer


We believe that thanks to us, the world changes for better, as we enable the great software people use daily around the world to work perfectly.
At Dynatrace Gdansk Lab, we design, create and develop a best-in-class product that provides full insight into the performance of software products and IT systems. We continuously improve and deliver a solution that enables companies to scale up and make bold decisions concerning their future. Our Dynatrace solution monitors the full stack–from the network, through the database and application tiers, into the code-specific analysis, and all the way out to end-user devices and third-party add-ins. The same holds true for in-house hosted applications and enterprise clouds, public clouds, and hybrid clouds where containerization, hyper-scale, and elastic computing dominate. All of this is automated, not only the initial setup and instrumentation, but also problem identification, dashboards, ongoing adaptation to environmental and application changes, and upgrading the Dynatrace platform itself.
We create Dynatrace because the world needs
software to work perfectly.

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