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Techland Sp. z o.o.

Senior Tools Programmer

Techland Sp. z o.o.
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Techland is one of the leading game developers in Poland. We create games for next‐gen, past-gen consoles, PC and mobile platforms, always using the latest technologies–including Techland's proprietary Chrome Engine. Our game Dead Island became a worldwide bestseller, as of today selling over 9 million copies in total. Across four studios in Wrocław, Warsaw, Ostrów Wielkopolski (all Poland) and Vancouver, Canada, we unite more than 260 specialists committed to delivering software of highest quality. We are a unique company, a meeting place for engineers, designers, scriptwriters artists –essentially people for whom electronic entertainment is a way of life. We are currently recruiting for the position of:
Senior Tools Programmer
(based in: Wroclaw)


Project and Position Description:

Chrome Engine (latest version: 6) is Techland's proprietary engine which we have been continually enhancing over the last 10 years with our ever expanding team of specialists. Our technology supports all leading platforms, among them the next‐generation consoles, and powers all Techland's games, including our of biggest AAA projects to date –Dying Light. In relation to our plans for further development, which entail making our technology available to other game developers, we are looking for technology enthusiasts that will support our Tools department in:
• Proactive identification of tools that will be needed throughout development in various fields, such
as: content creation tools, world creation, UI, encounter tools, game content, mission creation, installers/launchers and patchers.
• Delivering high quality applications directly to end‐users.
• Improvement of existing pipelines and tools to decrease the number of iterations for content creators.
•Continuous improvement of the user experience and performance of our tools.
• Meeting production schedules and timelines.
• Creating and maintaining documentation on all tools and their usage.
• Mentoring of junior staff if needed Qualifications:
• Expertise with C/C++ and C#/.NET, along with a strong familiarity with OO design principles
• Ability to automate tasks using languages such as Windows command shell, Python, PowerShell
• MFC or other GUI toolkit experience (wxWndows, Qt, etc..)
• Experience using source control systems (e.g. Perforce, CVS, SVN)
• Strong math skills, especially in trigonometry and linear algebra
• Advanced knowledge of games systems (3D graphics, animation, camera control, lighting)
• Advanced knowledge of game content creation pipelines and tools
• Ability to work directly with content creators and iterate on the toolsefficiently.
• Service‐oriented attitude.
• Experience working with and extending the Unreal Editor to design and create user interfaces for game systems.
• Experience developing for game consoles (PS3, XBOX 360,PC, etc).
• Excellent communication skills

Additional Experience and Skills:
• Passion for technology and games.
• WPF/MVVM knowledge is advantage
• UI design experience

Why join Techland?

Techland is a team of talented and experienced specialists, who enjoy sharing their knowledge. That's why we're building the Techland Know-How Database, to ensure that no experience – no matter if bad or good – is lost.

We are a versatile company, the developer of popular and well-established franchises (Call of Juarez, Dead Island) as well as exciting and original IPs (Dying Light, Hellraid).

We always pursue innovative and bold IT projects. For all our games we use only the latest technologies – or we create our own. Right now we're working hard on the sixth generation of our proprietary Chrome Engine.

For us, game development means something more than just work. It's a passion, a way of life, and – to be honest – great fun. We take care to create an amazing work environment through team get-togethers and bonding events: for the whole company in summer and before Christmas, and locally after releasing our latest game or whenever we feel like it.

We offer a comprehensive benefits package. To see more, check our website

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O Techland Sp. z o.o.

Techland to uznany na świecie producent, dystrybutor i wydawca gier komputerowych obecny na rynku od ponad 25 lat. Nasze gry – w szczególności Dying Light i Dying Light:The Following oraz serie Dead Island i Call of Juarez – osiągnęły międzynarodową popularność i zdobyły wielomilionowe rzesze fanów. Wydany w 2015 roku Dying Light trafił już w sumie do ponad 8 milionów graczy. W roku 2016 weszliśmy na globalny rynek wydawniczy jako Techland Publishing, a także ogłosiliśmy prace nad dwoma wysokobudżetowymi produkcjami, których premiera planowana jest w ciągu najbliższych trzech lat. Za pomocą najnowszych technologii i dzięki najlepszym specjalistom w branży nieustannie dostarczamy niezapomnianych przeżyć graczom na całym świecie.