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DevOps Engineer


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Company CodiLime is searching for
DevOps Engineer
We need your help with improving, maintaining and developing CI/CD for current and new projects. We will also appreciate sharing your experience with optimizing applications architecture for high availability, high performance and security. We carry out projects in the fields of Machine Learning, Big Data, Security, SDN and Cloud Computing. Most of our projects are heavily focused on backend systems. We try to keep them simple ;), but they are usually quite complex distributed systems. We are passionate about microservices architecture. We deploy our projects in public (AWS, GCP) and private (OpenStack) clouds. We love automatization but we follow Rod Michael's motto: "If you automate a mess, you get an automated mess."

Working with us you will have the chance to meet extremely talented Software Engineers (we love Go Lang, Python and JVM environment based languages i.e. Scala), QA Engineers, Security Experts, Deployment Engineers and System and Network Administrators.

Our teams are truly interdisciplinary and we believe that the DevOps methodology is the best way to make great products.

Are you interested? Grow with us and we will gladly share our knowledge and expertise with you!


Experience with Linux (preferable with Debian/Ubuntu distributions)
Understanding of TCP/IP networks (at least at Layer3 level with static routing)
Experience with various programming languages (especially their runtime environments and build systems s well as testing frameworks)
Experience deploying applications in a production environment (Python, Java, Scala, GoLang, Node.js)
Good knowledge of decentralized version control solutions (git)
Experience in creating Continuous Integration environments
Experience in administrating CI servers (preferable: Jenkins, GitLab CI)
Good knowledge of http server configuration (Nginx, Apache)
Good knowledge of SQL server configuration (MySQL, PostgreSQL, MariaDB)
Experience with public clouds (AWS, GCP)
Experience with configuration management tools (Ansible, Puppet, Chef)
Experience with Docker containers
Experience with infrastructure monitoring
Understanding of IT security concepts
Good working knowledge of English (B2 level)
Experience in creating continuous deployment systems
Experience in preparing Integration and End to End tests
Understanding of NoSQL databases (DynamoDB, Cassandra)
Experience with logs management (ELK stack)
Experience with cloud orchestration (Terraform, CloudFormation)
Experience designing high availability systems
Experience with stress testing (
Experience with application performance profiling
Experience with application security hardening
Experience with distributed tracing (OpenTracing/Zipkin)
Experience collecting and analyzing performance metrics (InfluxDB, Prometheus, statsd, Grafana)
Experience with Docker orchestration systems and cluster managers (Kubernetes, Mesos/Marathon, ECS)
Experience with OpenStack
Experience with dynamic routing protocols
Software defined networking (i.e. OpenContrail)
A chance to work on a strategic and ambitious Big Data-related project utilizing new technologies
The chance to be a part of a young, dynamic and internationally successful team
The opportunity to learn from and work with seasoned developers with extensive professional experience in Silicon Valley
The opportunity to participate in conferences and workshops around the world
The opportunity to participate in the Tech Talks (internal training sessions)
Flexible working hours
Attractive salary
Attractive benefits package (subsidized medical care, sports, frequent team-building events, fun room)

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