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Ocado Technology

Software Engineer in Test

Ocado Technology
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Job Purpose So, you are passionate about the quality of software. You have experienced different work environments and you know that separation of dev and QA is not the brightest idea. You know that quality is a large part of productivity and makes the software team move faster. You have been in the core of development, participating in every stage of the process, you have worked on the improvement of the process together with your team.

Quality means you work to help the whole team communicate and stay aligned with the thoughts and needs of the stakeholders and customers. Quality also means testable, simple, maintainable, flexible code and getting fast feedback.

You know how to make sure that the story is testable, how to build the testing pyramid for your product, how to make the decision whether to automate something or not. You're happy to roll up your sleeves and write automated tests. You are lazy pragmatist - manual testing needs justification for you. You have the courage to stop the line if the quality drops. You think scale - quality at scale. You make others think alike.

Great, we're looking for people like you who can help us embed quality in our process and improve it over time. People who are technical experts and get things done by using their smarts and whatever tools make sense to get the job done. People who love to stand on the shoulders of giants to solve new problems and thrive in a rapidly innovating space.


Day to day work Within the software development team you will

Work with the team on continuous improvement of the development process with end-to-end quality in mind.
Help maintain clear communication around features and change with all stakeholders
Help the team to build and maintain the testing pyramid.
Recommend, design & implement testing automation (yes, including writing automated tests).
Pragmatically decide what not to automate.
Measure everything.
Everyday make a bigger bang for our buck.
Lead, coach and grow a quality mindset.
Become and stay an expert in current and emerging technologies and tools.
Contribute to Open Source solutions and communities whenever you can.
Desired skills & competencies


Really know the principles and practices of testing the software.
Have superior ability to design test cases.
Are biased towards automated tests.
Have the cloud computing experience.
Really understand the complete SDLC and development methodologies.
Are experienced with automated testing tools (like: JMeter, REST Assured, Selenium based frameworks, JUnit).
Know how to design and execute functional, system and database tests.
Know that performance is a part of quality and know how to test it
Love working as an embedded member of a cross functional team
Are able to code, procedurally, functionally or OO
Are not afraid to analyse HTTP communication
Know the pros and cons of all the technology trends in your field
Make things work and get things done
Make excellent informed decisions and know when to ask for advice
Love to leave things better than you found them
Are a great communicator (also in English), not at all like the stereotypical geek
Love agile/lean development and delivering code
Embrace uncertainty, are happy with challenges and learn fast
Happily build on ideas of the others
Think scale
Have a great sense of humor

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  • Darmowe przekąski
  • Darmowa kawa i inne napoje
  • Prywatna opieka zdrowotna
  • Elastyczne godziny pracy
  • Szkolenia
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  • Karta Multilunch
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O Ocado Technology

We can offer you professionally challenging and stimulating work, as well as a rewarding experience.
We architect and build the ground-breaking, game-changing technology solutions that power Ocado, the world's largest online-only grocery retailer. Because we're writing, building and running all our own software systems, we're constantly pushing the limits of what technology can do. Join us and you'll work across a phenomenal breadth of technology, with incredibly smart people, to create reliable, resilient, scalable and optimised software systems.

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