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Digistore24 GmbH

Lead PHP Developer in Bulgaria|GERMAN Company|Salary in EURO

Digistore24 GmbH

od 40 000 € netto / rocznie

Język programowania

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Being a lead developer brings a huge responsibility. You have to be passionate about high software quality, you have to love using new technologies and be motivated to perform at your very best. This position requires being the leading software architect at Digistore24. Being a leader, you need to have the willingness and patience to mentor younger developers and communicate well with them. At Digistore24 we believe in a culture of constant improvement, lifelong learning and living your passion. That's why we're searching for A-Players. Are you one of us?

This job is located in Sofia, Bulgaria. We're looking for people who will move to Sofia and we're gonna help you with your flight, finding a flat and arriving at Sofia, Bulgaria.

Learn more about what we're doing in our video ad:
Or in this behind the scenes video:
Job Description:
• Develop interactive, stable, high quality web applications through the use of PHP, Symfony 2, AngularJS and HTML5/CSS3 for all web mediums
• Work closely in functional agile development units to execute the vision of the business leaders in terms of functionality and user experience
• Provide solutions, develop and maintains websites, and other related internal and external activities
• Help develop IT requirements for web applications including overall tech strategy for the company
• Responds rapidly to continuous changes and real-time updates required to web sites
• Conduct internal trainings & knowledge sharing regularly
• Mentor junior developers to increase their code quality and productivity
• Do line by line code reviews for every Git pull request, this maintains code quality and keeps everyone in the loop & learning
• Work on full test coverages for all important units


• 8+ years of experience with your favorite language(s) - preferably PHP
• Understand current web development standards & software development paradigms
• Proven track record of successfully delivering high quality web software at scale
• Experience with agile development methods
• Experience with working with LAMP
• Experience with Symfony2
• Taking full responsibility for the software development
• Excellent analytical and deeply technical root cause analysis problem solving skills
• Work well under pressure, developing key features for high volume, business critical financial systems
• Good understanding of program/project management techniques and styles
• Experience managing team of at least 3-5 members
• Absolutely outstanding interpersonal, communication and presentation skills
• Excellent English language skills
• Operate without dogma
• Multi-task oriented and very well organized, never let things drop
• Constant learning attitude
• Passion for Code: Developing it from a scientific skill into a platform
• Curiosity: Always 'trawling the net' looking for newest and best coding practices
• Attention to detail: Be obsessive about details to become a Digistore24 coding rock star
• Discipline: Attention to detail is important, but so is an ability to stay organized
• Leadership: You feel that mentoring, coaching and leading bring their own rewards Nice to have:
• University degree in mathematics or information technology
• German language skills

We offer you:
• Job at a very successful German company
• Being part of a young and dynamic team that is rapidly growing
• Competitive salary and benefits package
• Reliable salary payments
• Top notch additional health insurance package
• Environment where you can learn and grow
• Health supporting environment with fresh fruits every day, fresh spring water, fresh filtered air, the ability to make fresh smoothies every day and much more
• Learning days, team events, conferences, focus on personal development of each of us
• Unlimited budged for books, seminars and everything that supports your personal and professional development
• Support and help with moving to Sofia (Bulgaria), finding a flat, organizing your stay
• Parking space in a modern office building with perfect view over Sofia's skyline

More information on our website:

Please apply via email: [email protected]

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