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Full Stack JavaScript Developer

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Opis oferty

The position is for an experienced JavaScript coder that wants to join a highly effective team, a very popular, open source, cross-platform image flasher. Working with us involves both UI-level work focused on extreme usability, and deep low-level work focusing on optimising the writing to flash drives across Linux, Windows, and OSX. You ...
... are a productive coder, experienced in the whole spectrum of web technologies.
... take pride in your work and are passionate about good code.
... are passionate about open source technologies.
... are an excellent communicator, fluent in English.
... have a good internet line available so you can join a video call without trouble.
... are comfortable completing projects without too much management.
... are excited by the challenge of developing reliable software that works on all platforms
... have a portfolio of code to show, on GitHub or otherwise.

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