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Perl Developer / Tool Developer

IT Everywhere

8 000 - 12 000 zł netto

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As our Network Systems Engineer, you will develop, enhance, and maintain the tools that allow Akamai to deploy and maintain a huge worldwide network with a relatively small team of people. These tools help: * Automate manual processes

* Discover and QA our network topologies

* Report on process and quality metrics

* Dramatically streamline our supply chain

* Visualize complex data about the growth of our network and its costs

You will start by learning to be an Akamai Network Infrastructure Engineer, managing deployment and maintenance of equipment in the Akamai network.

Once you see how it's done first-hand, you will start making enhancements to existing tools and then move into development of new tools. Having done the infrastructure engineering job yourself, you will have an intuitive understanding of tool requirements, and you will clearly see the value of the software you work on.

About the Team:

The Networks division is responsible for deploying and maintaining the global network, that carries over 20% of the world's web traffic.

The Network Systems department supports the various sub-teams within Networks, allowing them to do their jobs more efficiently.


Basic Qualifications: * Education: Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science or equivalent experience.

* 2+ years of experience with Perl, PHP, Python or other interpreted languages.

* 2+ years of experience with a RDBMS (MySQL and Oracle a plus).

* 2+ years of experience with standard web technologies like HTML, Javascript and CSS.

* 2+ years of hands-on experience with Linux, BSD or any other UNIX based OS.

* Fluency in English.

* Strong communication skills.

Nice to have:

* Experience with XML and SOAP (Web Services) interfaces.

* Understanding and experience with Internet protocols, ISP/Corporate networks, and network operations.

* Hands-on experience with enterprise-grade switches and routers.

* Hands-on experience doing systems administration in a Linux environment.

* Ability to work in a small-team environment.

* A strong work ethic and a positive attitude.

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