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Davis Nolan IT Recruitment

Senior JavaScript Developer

Davis Nolan IT Recruitment
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Please visit for more information. We are looking for a creative Front-end Senior JavaScript Developer who will join a team in the Rzeszów office (Poland) and become a part of an innovative and world-class company with outstanding goods and services.

Essential skills:

  • 4+ years of commercial experience
  • Advanced knowledge of HTML5, CSS3 (LESS/SASS), EcmaSCript6 ReactJ/Typescript        paired with a fluency in ReactJS/AngularJS
  • Knowledge of JavaScript – JQuery, and OOP

Role and responsibilities:

  • Creating front-end internet applications, whilst closely collaborating with UI/UX                      designers and testers.
Sounds like you or do you have any questions?

Excellent! Please send your CV and your questions to Davis Nolan Talent Consulting at [email protected].

More information about this job position can be found at:

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