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(junior to mid) Machine Learning Engineer [8-12k PLN]


8 000 - 12 000 zł netto

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Imagine an international team that has met to build No1 tool for Network Monitoring. They're accomplished engineers (space shuttle industry (NASA), Cisco), machine learning scientists (PhDs) and business people. They use state of art Big Data and Machine Learning technologies (some of those brewed by themselves) and cool stack (Git, Slack, Giphy). Continuous integration, frequent commits, code reviews and agile development are their everyday reality. They have substantial funding and support from American investors. The team is small and everyone has a huge impact. They grow fast and are currently on the look-out for a talented junior to a mid-level person that would support developing sophisticated Machine Learning systems with an expert team.


There's a high probability that you're an ideal candidate if you are/have:
  • a solid programmer - at least one of Scala, Clojure, Python (other languages most welcome too)
  • experience in working with *nix (Linux, Mac OS X) environment
  • at least minimal experience with ML (academic experience or online courses are fine) - cross-validation, Decision Trees, Naive Bayes, Logistic Regression, Neural Nets, etc.
  • at least basic skills in statistics - distributions, conditional probability, etc.
You'll get additional points for:

  • NoSQL databases, such as Cassandra or Kudu
  • Spark, Hadoop, Flink
  • H2O, TensorFlow, Theano, Caffee, SciKit-Learn
  • Jupyter, Zeppelin, R
  • Bootstrapping techniques
  • Computer Networks
You will have a huge impact on the product and work with the newest technologies. You will work on only meaningful things.

Office: Krakow, 5 min walk from Market Square
Budget: 8k to 12k to PLN (b2b)

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