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Senior Drupal Engineer


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Zapraszam zainteresowanych do aplikowania na stanowisko Senior Drupal Engineer. Poniżej zamieszczam szczegóły stanowiska, jak i projektu i klienta.

Senior Drupal Engineer Job Purpose:
Our client is a men's professional soccer league, sanctioned by U.S. Soccer, which represents the sport's highest level in both the United States and Canada with its main office in New York.
Drupal in this setup is not just a CMS system, but whole set of services and API was built around Drupal using node.js and micro-services architecture to serve content on Apple TV and other similar platforms.
Engineer joining this team will have an opportunity to work with those aspect of the project as well. Ideal candidate on this position has to have leadership skills and relevant experience, as we'll be building a team around this person.
Don't miss an exciting opportunity to work with top industry experts on high-load Soccer project!


Duties and Responsibilities:
We are looking for Experienced Drupal Engineer, with the focus on performance optimization, who will became an integral part of client's development team. The project is not just a typical Drupal installation, but a modern dockerized infrastructure in AWS environment (using Amazon RDS, ElastiCache, and other services to serve millions of requests per day). You'll get a chance to work with and to learn from engineers, constantly participating on Drupalcon. The solution, architecture and deployment processes built around the product are cutting edge to a degree, which Amazon has invited engineering team to speak on its conference.

- Strong backend skills (surrounding performance optimization: both Code & DB)
- Candidate has implemented Drupal in a Dockerized Environment or has substantial experience in Docker
- Ideally Familiar with Drupal 7
- Great communication skills
- Can work autonomously (whole team is remote)

Highly beneficial:
- Angular / Javascript / Ajax
- Node.JS
- Front End Skills

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