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Senior ETL/SQL Developer


Opis oferty

Asset Wealth Management is one of the most critical areas within Investment Banking. In order to be on the top our client decided to launch a long-term strategic initiative called Data Management and Client Experience to align all business data, models, and processes to industry standards.
Potential technologies are yet to be explored, so this project is a great opportunity for skilled people interested in new horizons of enterprise solutions; particularly, but not limited to, in Enterprise Data Management.


SQL development:
• Team work on creating Bank critical Enterprise Data Management product
• Data modelling
• Performance tuning
• Query optimization
• Performance monitoring
• Stress testing

Skills Required:
a) Working level of English - ability to argue the case or explain something complex in English.
b) Database design principles (Referential integrity, 3rd Normal form, Primary/Foreign keys); when to use indexes; Different styles of schemas.
c) In depth knowledge of SQL (Joins, Sub queries, functions, grouping), Stored Procs, temp tables, optmisation. Know how relational database principles work with SQL.
d) Ability to understand explain plans and ability to identify performance bottlenecks, and refactor sql.
e) Demonstrate a confidence in their knowledge of databases in production and issues around them
f) Knowledge of ETL principles (above what the E the T and L stand for).
g) Clearly can demonstrate confidence to own work and deliver complex solutions without needing to be spoon-fed.
h) An interest or understanding of what a Banking project entails and the challenges and opportunities that will happen in an environment there Differentiator:
• Experience with Data Management product
• Experience with MarkIT product
• Experience with Investment Banking
• Experience with Java

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  • Darmowa kawa i inne napoje
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