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Regular/Senior Oracle DB Developer

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Project is about development and support of the risk management platform used for calculating bank's counterparty risk exposure and allowing this to be hedged. The system consumes trades and market data from systems all over the bank and all asset classes, then runs a series of complex risk calculations across the entire trade portfolio and provides feeds to downstream systems of the results. The system needs every trade in the bank before it can run any calculations, and some of these trades are extremely complex products. The system's purpose is to provide risk reports to groups across the bank as well as external regulators. It is not strictly an end-user application but has circa 100 users consuming its results and working with its UI components. The system must deal with large volumes of incoming data in different formats, with a combination of real-time and daily input feeds. Calculations are extremely large scale and are distributed across a compute grid of few thousand CPUs.

Delivery Process:
• Project team consists of equally sized sub-teams
• Every sub-team is an independent delivery unit consisting of team lead, system analyst, developers (.Net/Java and DB), and testers
• High level planning is performed for every release to define the epics (projects) to be delivered to meet the business stakeholders' needs
• Release scope is split into sprints, and assigned out to the teams for the implementation by project and delivery managers
• Backlog grooming, sprint planning, demo and retrospective sessions are held for every sprint to achieve fast and continuous feedback from all the stakeholders
• JIRA is the main instrument for project planning, progress tracking and collaboration
• Onsite team is responsible for the initial analysis and technical design of new projects that are then handed over to the project team for the detailed analysis and estimation
• Transparent status reporting to guarantee sprint / project / release status visibility for all stakeholders
• Communication channels established to support business requirements and technical solutions discussion

• Back End - .Net/C#, WCF, Data Synapse GRID
• Database - Oracle, MS SQL Analysis Service
The candidate is expected to provide his technology expertise to help strengthen the position of Luxoft as a strategic IT service supplier for the customer, with a range of services spanning from very complex and large-scale IT transformational initiatives to application support.


• Work closely with members of cross-functional project team on queries tuning, performance analysis and Oracle errors handling
• Create tables, views, indexes, triggers, types, packages and other database objects as needed; work with BLOB/CLOB data types; focus on scalability and maintainability
• Troubleshoot ETL processes, investigate application logs, find and eliminate performance bottlenecks. Develop data transformation logic.
• Cooperate with the Operations team on DB objects versioning, source control, updates tracking, setting up reliable deployment process and its continuous improvement
• Enforce coding/review standards and best practices. Review the deliverables for quality, completeness, compliance to coding standards
• Take an active part in the release and sprint planning, estimation, demo and retrospective sessions
• Create and maintain data flow, DB configuration documentation, logical model, maintenance plans for the database environments
• Strive to improve data accuracy and organization

Skills Required:
• Good spoken and written English (upper intermediate or higher)
• Degree in Computer Science
• Excellent PL/SQL coding skills proven by the complex packages implemented: 3+ years
• Experience working with all aspects of Oracle DB - database objects creation and manipulation, transaction management, Oracle database architecture, logical and physical storage structures: 2+ years
• Practical experience in performance troubleshooting, using Oracle dictionary views, AWR report, perfect understanding of query execution plans: 2+ years
• Advanced data querying and analysis skills, knowledge of Oracle analytical functions
• Background with data warehousing and reporting architectures, dimensional modeling, and ETL knowledge
• Experience with JIRA, Git, TeamCity
• Understanding of Agile SDLC, continuous integration, automated testing approaches
• Database administration skills is a plus

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