Go Developer

Acaisoft 5 000 - 10 000 zł netto

Opis oferty

We are working on cool project of the Go lang based wrapper around C based linux library implementing proprietary remote file system for storage purposes. This wrapper should expose Amazon S3 like REST API, so it's transparent for 3rd party software working with Amazon S3 storage.


  • Interest in learning Go language. Any experience with the language will be super cool (REST API with Gin framework, authentication/security, CGO knowledge etc.)
  • Communicative English skills (working with US based Customer)
  • Able to work in startup like work environment with high level energy developers :D
  • Loving to code with approach of first identify the problem, then choose right technology


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Acaisoft is a modern development company. We focus on enterprise web application development. We implement systems build across all tiers, from database, through backend/middleware to frontend, always with top quality.