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Software Engineer

  • Umowa o pracę Umowa

  • 51-100 pracowników Rozmiar firmy

  • 2009 Rok założenia firmy

  • WWW

Opis oferty

Do you want to help improve the safety of air travel?
Do you want to be sure that your neighbour's pacemaker won't suffer a kernel panic?
Do you hate it when your software crashes in the middle of a video call with some cute someone?
Do you believe that the quality of our lives depends on correct and efficient software?
Join us.

Your role
You will work in a small team of excellent programmers to implement new features and refactor mercilessly. You will work on our core technologies, which include self-improving test sets, programming language translators, a secure execution sandbox, elastic pricing models and fuzzy code comparison, as well as on new ideas. You will be responsible for writing well-structured code that is fun to work with, both for yourself and for others.

Warsaw and our office
Warsaw University's Institute of Informatics (MIMUW) is a top-notch CS faculty worldwide. It hosted ACM-ICPC 2012 and is alma mater to world champions in programming and a third of our team.
The city of Warsaw is a booming cosmopolitan wannabe with a cool startup scene.
We work hard, get challenged every day and learn a great deal.
We go out to cool places, eat well and have lots of fun together.
We often have guests and people in co-working, so there are extra brains and inspiration to grab.
One floor below our office, a yoga school emanates peace and energy. The latter is harvested by mysterious installations at Warsaw Hackerspace, which occupies a dungeon in the basement. You can also check us out :)


You are smart and get things done. Also:
* You can code blindfolded in at least one imperative programming language (we don't care which)
* You learn fast (in particular, we'll need you up to speed in Python in two weeks from day one)
* You understand computer science
* You are brave about attacking complex problems
* You thrive in a startup environment
* You are curious and driven.
Experience with programming contests (IOI, ACM-ICPC, TopCoder...) gives you extra up-votes.

Our tech stack is based on Linux and Python, as well as some C for the lowest-level security code. We use Django as our web framework and automate data processing with Celery. On the frontend side, we have just started to adopt Jasmine and AngularJS, and we adopted SASS stylesheets with great success. We work on the codebase using Gitlab for code reviews and Jenkins for running our regression tests.

Metodologia pracy


  • Karta multisport (lub podobna)
  • Kuchnia
  • Darmowe przekąski
  • Darmowa kawa i inne napoje
  • Prywatna opieka zdrowotna
  • Pokój gier
  • Elastyczne godziny pracy
  • Szkolenia
  • Konferencje
  • Your dream equipment
  • Open office and environment
  • Relocation assistance
  • Unlimited Amazon book orders for the Codility library
  • Budget to help you learn and grow
  • Take good care of yourself budget (for the gym membership, massages - you tell us!),

O Codility

We test coders
Our story started in 2005 when Greg, our founder, was looking for a quick way to recruit the 20 additional software engineers needed by the IT start-up he worked for in China, while at the same time saving time, money and avoiding stress. The result was the beta version of Codility: a tool to filter out the 90+% of candidates who are unable to deliver correct solutions to easy programming tasks.