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Junior QA Tester
  • Umowa o pracę Umowa

  • 101-200 pracowników Rozmiar firmy

  • 2008 Rok założenia firmy

  • WWW

Opis oferty

Our fab group of QA testers are on the look-out for passionate gamers, who know what PCMR stands for and why DRM-free is good. Come and help us restore old games to their former glory. Our Galaxy class spaceship currently docks in Warsaw. Our keyword is "Gottfried's Grimoire".


  • Testing our ever growing catalogue of DRM-free games,
  • Researching known and unknown game issues on the Internet (good google-fu is mandatory),
  • Troubleshooting & preparation of simple bug fixes to deliver ready-to-play games on time.
Job Requirements:
  • Windows Power User,
  • Computer hardware proficiency,
  • Basic knowledge about games' inner workings,
  • Fluent English,
  • Ability to write reports clearly and concisely,
  • Attention to detail (put our keyword on the top of your cover letter),
  • Knowledge about games (old and new) or, even better, being ridiculously passionate about them,
  • Eagerness to learn new things and develop your skills.
  • Prior experience in functional/compatibility QA on Windows/OSX/Linux
  • OSX/Linux Power User,
  • Experience in tinkering with games: fixing, hex editing, modding.

Metodologia pracy


The sister company of CD PROJEKT RED (responsible for the worldwide success of The Witcher, the video game series adapted from Andrzej Sapkowski's books), is a digital distribution platform, which offers customers the greatest selection of PC, Mac and Linux games, both classics and day-one titles, DRM-free, with lots of extra goodies and amazing customer support.

Our work environment is relaxed, and the company philosophy often goes against the typical corporate flow. Working in an international team of over 100 passionate video game industry professionals, you will not only have the opportunity to expand your skills to their limits but also have fun while doing so. We love what we do and we do it for a reason.