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P.M. sp. z o.o.

Embedded Software Developers

P.M. sp. z o.o.

8 000 - 12 000 zł netto

  • Umowa o pracę Umowa

  • 1-5 pracowników Rozmiar firmy

  • 2006 Rok założenia firmy

Język programowania

Opis oferty

•Experienced with writing low level drivers
•Experienced with embedded RTOS, like uC-OSII
•Able to understand and enrich existing, poorly documented, code
•Familiar with PC and vehicle networking (Serial, CAN, MOST, etc) and diagnostics (UDS, KWP2000)
•Experienced with writing network drivers and applications (Serial, USB, CAN, MOST, AVC-LAN) and working with Vector based CAN applications
•Cooperative team player with pro-active mindset
•Equipped with analytical skills
•Able to work with high level of uncertainty – explorative tasks, not well defined
•Naturally focused on code quality, delivering working, readable and well tested code to tight deadlines (deeper awareness of quality aspects in software development will be an advantage)


•C/C# embedded programming, DSP area preferred
•Working knowledge of software development tools (debugger's, emulators, compilers, etc)
•Reading schematics (debug analog and digital hardware will be an advantage)
•Using oscilloscope and logic analyser for troubleshooting
•Knowledge of PRQA, Code Sonar, Solid Works,
Lauterbach Trace 32, Keil-MDK Arm Compiler,

Metodologia pracy