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Geospatial Business Analyst

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UBS Research is in the process of building a street-leading primary research platform called Evidence Lab. At the heart of this project is the ability to systematically gather, cleanse, structure and analyze primary data about the companies and markets that we do research on. We are looking for talented and experienced business analysts to work in partnership with the Evidence Lab and Research. As a Business Analyst you will be working in the fields of market Research and geospatial cooperating directly with research analysts. In this role you will work closely with the Evidence Lab geospatial team with core responsibility focused around data discovery, acquisition and preparation of geospatial based data sets including satellite data and other aerial pictometry, climate data and location sets.

The role will be located in the UBS office in Zabierzow (Krakow Business Park).


Responsibilities: • Performing data discovery – finding new data sources based on guidance from Evidence Lab Geospatial team
• Designing aspects of geospatial based projects including delivery plans and dates
• Managing projects with a team of data analysis around the harvest and preparation of geospatial data including tough not limited to address data, satellite imagery, pictometry and other aerial-based data sets, spatial files (both vector and raster based) and climate data
• Delivering prepared data sets to Evidence Geospatial team
• Providing constant communication on the progress


• 3-5 years of experience in a research role
• Experience with a very wide array of data sets and industry exposure
• Experience in data cleansing
• Very good written and spoken English
• Proficient in the Microsoft office suite
• High degree of intellectual curiosity that leads to discovery of new or innovative data sources
• Ability to design a research project and lead/delegate responsibilities to a team of data analysts in the process of data harvest and preparation
• Proven ability to execute around tight deadlines
• Strong attention to detail and ability to communicate ways to measure accuracy and efficiency
• Very good communication skills
• Knowledge of other foreign languages

Additional assets:

• ESRI or other GIS software experience
• Understanding of geospatial theories and technologies

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