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Nazwa</th>Opis</th></tr> s</td>replace a pattern with a string</td></tr> scalar</td>force a scalar context</td></tr> seek</td>reposition file pointer for random-access I/O</td></tr> seekdir</td>reposition directory pointer</td></tr> select</td>reset default output or do I/O multiplexing</td></tr> semctl</td>SysV semaphore control operations</td></tr> semget</td>get set of SysV semaphores</td></tr> semop</td>SysV semaphore operations</td></tr> send</td>send a message over a socket</td></tr> setgrent</td>prepare group file for use</td></tr> sethostent</td>prepare hosts file for use</td></tr> setnetent</td>prepare networks file for use</td></tr> setpgrp</td>set the process group of a process</td></tr> setpriority</td>set a process's nice value</td></tr> setprotoent</td>prepare protocols file for use</td></tr> setpwent</td>prepare passwd file for use</td></tr> setservent</td>prepare services file for use</td></tr> setsockopt</td>set some socket options</td></tr> shift</td>remove the first element of an array, and return it</td></tr> shmctl</td>SysV shared memory operations</td></tr> shmget</td>get SysV shared memory segment identifier</td></tr> shmread</td>read SysV shared memory</td></tr> shmwrite</td>write SysV shared memory</td></tr> shutdown</td>close down just half of a socket connection</td></tr> sin</td>return the sine of a number</td></tr> sleep</td>block for some number of seconds</td></tr> socket</td>create a socket</td></tr> socketpair</td>create a pair of sockets</td></tr> sort</td>sort a list of values</td></tr> splice</td>add or remove elements anywhere in an array</td></tr> split</td>split up a string using a regexp delimiter</td></tr> sprintf</td>formatted print into a string</td></tr> sqrt</td>square root function</td></tr> srand</td>seed the random number generator</td></tr> stat</td>get a file's status information</td></tr> study</td>optimize input data for repeated searches</td></tr> sub</td>declare a subroutine, possibly anonymously</td></tr> substr</td>get or alter a portion of a stirng</td></tr> symlink</td>create a symbolic link to a file</td></tr> syscall</td>execute an arbitrary system call</td></tr> sysopen</td>open a file, pipe, or descriptor</td></tr> sysread</td>fixed-length unbuffered input from a filehandle</td></tr> sysseek</td>position I/O pointer on handle used with sysread and syswrite</td></tr> system</td>run a separate program</td></tr> syswrite</td>fixed-length unbuffered output to a filehandle</td></tr> </tbody> </table>

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