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Nazwa</th>Opis</th></tr> rand</td>retrieve the next pseudorandom number</td></tr> read</td>fixed-length buffered input from a filehandle</td></tr> readdir</td>get a directory from a directory handle</td></tr> readline</td>fetch a record from a file</td></tr> readlink</td>determine where a symbolic link is pointing</td></tr> readpipe</td>execute a system command and collect standard output</td></tr> recv</td>receive a message over a Socket</td></tr> redo</td>start this loop iteration over again</td></tr> ref</td>find out the type of thing being referenced</td></tr> rename</td>change a filename</td></tr> require</td>load in external functions from a library at runtime</td></tr> reset</td>clear all variables of a given name</td></tr> return</td>get out of a function early</td></tr> reverse</td>flip a string or a list</td></tr> rewinddir</td>reset directory handle</td></tr> rindex</td>right-to-left substring search</td></tr> rmdir</td>remove a directory</td></tr> </tbody> </table>

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