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Nazwa</th>Opis</th></tr> last</td>exit a block prematurely</td></tr> lc</td>return lower-case version of a string</td></tr> lcfirst</td>return a string with just the next letter in lower case</td></tr> length</td>return the number of bytes in a string</td></tr> link</td>create a hard link in the filesytem</td></tr> listen</td>register your socket as a server</td></tr> local</td>create a temporary value for a global variable (dynamic scoping)</td></tr> localtime</td>convert UNIX time into record or string using local time</td></tr> lock</td>get a thread lock on a variable, subroutine, or method</td></tr> log</td>retrieve the natural logarithm for a number</td></tr> lstat</td>stat a symbolic link</td></tr> </tbody> </table>

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