2020-01-16 23:16

Zanim wrzucanie linków będzie nielegalne, to nadużyje sobie i wrzucę dlaczego Kernel Windowsa jest lepszy

I Contribute to the Windows Kernel - It's de best Kernel

  • We can't touch named pipes. Let's add %INTERNAL_NOTIFICATION_SYSTEM%! And let's make it inconsistent with virtually every other named NT primitive.
  • We can't expose %INTERNAL_NOTIFICATION_SYSTEM% to the rest of the world because we don't want to fill out paperwork and we're not losing sales because we only have 1990s-era Win32 APIs available publicly.
  • We can't touch DCOM. So we create another %C#_REMOTING_FLAVOR_OF_THE_WEEK%!
  • XNA. Need I say more?
  • Why would anyone need an archive format that supports files larger than 2GB?
  • Let's support symbolic links, but make sure that nobody can use them so we don't get blamed for security vulnerabilities (Great! Now we get to look sage and responsible!)
  • We can't touch Source Depot, so let's hack together SDX!
  • We can't touch SDX, so let's pretend for four releases that we're moving to TFS while not actually changing anything!
  • Oh god, the NTFS code is a purple opium-fueled Victorian horror novel that uses global recursive locks and SEH for flow control. Let's write ReFs instead. (And hey, let's start by copying and pasting the NTFS source code and removing half the features! Then let's add checksums, because checksums are cool, right, and now with checksums we're just as good as ZFS? Right? And who needs quotas anyway?)
  • We just can't be fucked to implement C11 support, and variadic templates were just too hard to implement in a year. (But ohmygosh we turned >"^" into a reference-counted pointer operator. Oh, and what's a reference cycle?

Drugie oświadczenie lepsze, gdy kaja się i wycofuje wszystko.

furious programming

@WeiXiao: byś poprawił ten tekst dodając kropki, tak aby było wiadomo, że jest to dialog, tak jak w oryginale. :P


@furious programming: ale to nie jest dialog, a lista wypunktowana? czy mam raka :D

furious programming

Dobre i to – przynajmniej widać podział. ;)