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Senior Software Developer (Scala)

  • Kraków
  • 14000 - 16000 zł netto
  • Umowa o pracę

Opis oferty

The new team member will have the opportunity to build a brandnew platform for real-time pricing and betting. Designed to handle high traffic and sub-second action, it will be built with cutting edge technologies and scalable microservice-oriented architecture.

- Design, code and documentation of platform API services in Scala
- Modelling data layer in relational (PostgreSQL) and non-relational databases (Couchbase, Elasticsearch)
- Real-time stream processing, live sport data aggregation and "push" updates (Akka, Kafka, WebSockets)
- Implementation of reporting/analytics using Big Data processing tools (Apache Spark, Hadoop)
- Striving for good code quality and practicing test-driven development
- Collaborating with product owners and the team to ensure requirements are well-defined and met
- Helping to grow the team

Wymagania i obowiązki

- min. 4 years of experience in development of back-end services
- 2 years of experience in JVM (Java, Scala, Closure)
- good knowledge of Scala (reading the "Programming in Scala" book by Odersky should suffice) and some code written (completing exercises of "Functional Programming in Scala" on Coursera is a minimum)
- attention to quality of code
- good understanding of REST API design principles
- experience and good understanding of relational and non-relational (NoSQL) databases

- experience working with Ansible and Docker
- experience with JavaScript, WebSockets
- experience in web development and knowledge of HTML, CSS

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