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Nazwa</th>Opis</th></tr> each</td>retrieve the next key/value pair from a hash</td></tr> endgrent</td>be done using group file</td></tr> endhostent</td>be done using hosts file</td></tr> endnetent</td>be done using networks file</td></tr> endprotoent</td>be done using protocols file</td></tr> endpwent</td>be done using passwd file</td></tr> endservent</td>be done using services file</td></tr> eof</td>test a filehandle for its end</td></tr> eval</td>catch exceptions or compile and run code</td></tr> exec</td>abandon this program to run another</td></tr> exists</td>test whether a hash key is present</td></tr> exit</td>terminate this program</td></tr> exp</td>raise I to a power</td></tr> </tbody> </table>